Is hooking up 2 amps this easy?


joey ingle
Unregistered guest
Its not grounding them out or getting power to them that im worried about it is the rca cables. do i just hook one set to the output of the the amp i got in now or do i need sumthing else? BTW im got a kicker rz360 right now and i bought an audibahn 12" so i need another amp for the audiobahn. i dont wanna buy 1 big amp just a mono one for the audiobahn.

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what are you trying to say exactly

if your question is with rca's then you have a couple of options.

if you have 4 rca outs on ur HU then use 2 for one amp and use 2 for the other amp

if you have 2 rca outs you can use y splitter and hook up both amps.

if your amp has 4 rca's ( 1 set input one output) then you can go from your HU to one amp, then from that same amp to your other amp
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