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Comparison on the Ava 12AlpineThumping2
SUB THOUGHTS---please helpBassManMIke3
SUBFANIC help plz with eclipse neoneSubfanatic5
Angled or no angle?Mr_Kebo4
2 12" Xtant X1244 For Sale 150+shippingMike Lopez1
Denali ProjectMatt B14
RE XXX & SX Prices...trevor foster7
Can anyone make me a drawing of my final corrected post?sean3
Diamond needs amp plz helpmakenx192
Should i change from 1 15 ported to 2 15 Eaton1
Orion hcca 15d david hizzle2
DD 4500?Mike Lopez1
Fiberglass or sealedJexxen Trivic2
Check this system out, all pros NOT welcomedNick T5
Quick opinion needed... help greatly appreciated thx.Trevor Eaton3
Triple chamber Abc box done need drawing subfanaticTrevor Eaton5
Wanted:Ported box specs for 2 kicker C12sean14
Avalanche/ re. xxx or LA VC2Harrison Martin1
Avalanche 15?!AlpineThumping7
What would you run?alen8
I need some helpJOE GALVIN2
Jl w7 13.5 trubles2003
Atlas & Avalanche AvailabilityAlpineThumping1
HELP, not really about subs, but noone inthe HU part is respondingMatthew Kinnamont1
Sean, my truck dimensionssean28
Can two 12" avalanches out perform two 12" x.x.x's ???Trevor Eaton10
SPL Sub...Trevor Eaton31
It just makes me laugh!!!Andy Summers29
Hows this lookinYamaha Banshee14
HELP 10" L7Kurt Cuellar14
Need suggestions for L7 10''Kurt Cuellar1
Jl or diamond?Loc_out9
QTS settingsmixneffect2
Subfanatic...Fellow kentuckian needs helpdonny keen6
Best single sub and amp setup for $500?Mike Lopez10
How many db?sean21
OK now i got an even bigger problem this is and endless cycleabraham5
Anbody else hate their local audio shop?DR MAX14
HELP i need to choose a sub.xtant10013
Resonant Engineering xxx subsDR MAX4
HELP PLZ... matching subs with ampjustin baker1
What Would Be Louder?Trevor Eaton7
MTX Thunder 9500 Box Specs, Please Help???DR MAX2
ABP12T vs. AW1251SEcaraudiomnguy4
Sub not loud enoughD6
Sealed Box Specs for 2 12 AtlasNick T4
Confused and prolly abused?Anonymous6
Best SPL Sub for $200-$300Shane S31
More good news guys check it outsean1
Any powerful 8 inch subs???? Hunter Warren6
Sound dampeners? are they worth the $ward4
XXXtrevor foster2
Is there any way around a biger alternatorTrevor Eaton6
Why does my sub cut out??Donald Byrum jr7
In need of answers regarding building a wall in my explorerTrevor Eaton3
Most powerful subs??Trevor Eaton3
Help with new subs please!kevin kerston6
Power Acoustik?Hunter Warren5
High end stuff for sale, subfanaticSubfanatic27
Fishy heres my response to your question earlier todayJacob Clabaugh13
Amps inside sub box?Donald Byrum jr8
Need some help!!!!!Tony Hamm7
Best subs for amp help neededTony Hamm2
Audiobahn awp310t subsChris Comer1
A really good tutorial on box design sean1
DD 3500 series or Avalanche 15 ? AlpineThumping15
Advice from the Pro's at the local audio shopAlpineThumping5
Check this outRoger O1
Particalboard am mdfscott DeBaker3
Guys Much better pricesSubfanatic1
Which sub amp combo need HELP!Tony Hamm1
Questions on my boxReiko Valdaz4
All this talk about kicker CVR's-- are they that good?dustin pettit2
Subwoofer ComparisonsRoman Powers26
What the best ported 15 inc sub with sqAnacard7
Ported vs. sealed....whats the pros and cons?xtant100124
One going to be enough!!!!!!!?????????Anonymous2
Help MEJames Longo3
Selling Diamond D6 subsxtant10014
Rainbow Website??Jonathan7
Lets face it my "system" sounds horrible!!! help meeeeabraham7
Audiobahn PPL HELPDusty Desjarlais10
JL 12W3v2 sub/amp prob?Tony Hamm7
Alpine type r'sDusty Desjarlais2
2 alpine type-R's?joe ruskowski1
Stealth enclosurealex b2
INFINITY or HIFONICS?Matt Reynolds10
Box helpbeje1
Is 2 better than 1ward1
Good news subfantic I can make the triple chamber abc fitsean1
Need a 15" sub for afosgate 750rms @1ohm x2taylor175
Sean box dilemma Sub and i need a third opinionsean20
Good Componetn set to match 2 12 AtlasNick T2
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12'sAlpineThumping3
System impedenceDave Musser1
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