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Help with yotaDaniel Santos1
Earthquake subzerozacdavis~3
Where to get a plexiglass hatchjosh lyon1
Question for the pros.TylerW1
Box for 4 12's?Brandon K3
Orion H2 Subbasslova2
Volfenhag Subwoofers?Darren T Wojtowicz8
Where to get a plexiglass hatchPete Biegler3
Amp wires?tafkam2
JL's H.O. Boxes - any thoughts on these - interested in themFishy16
Getting set up for an 18 inch x.x .xjon doe2
Port direction?Donald Byrum jr2
My boys systemRob Fox23
Solo baric 15richard dunham1
Answer me this guysSubfanatic4
X.x.x vs sx in sqlPete Biegler12
Kicker ss seriesSubfanatic6
How much would u pay for this?Chief5
Avalanch 15 boxJames Longo2
Group BuySubfanatic42
Hey guys, what did I miss?James Longo36
Need to know something about my box plezFishy5
BEST SUB WITH 1000rms???????????joe shlub17
What's the best spl sub I can get for...?taylor1733
Does ebay really work?numbnutts10
Techno b1tchesSubfanatic27
GOD DAMMIT!!!!!johnny lemoine1
Why...why do peaople do such abusive things to subs?daniel selnick15
LED's in/around sub boxjohnny lemoine7
Quik yes or no ?Subfanatic3
RE MT amps Subfanatic5
Building a 15,000 dollar systemSubfanatic10
Wiring configurationsSubfanatic41
What are the best Windshield wipersSubfanatic38
Help!Hunter Warren4
Whats louder?James Longo11
Wierd noise from sub....wiil c.10
What box for atlas 12's?Matt3
I'm looking for new speakers for my computer and have no clue what ...AlpineThumping2
2 type s 12" 2ohm DVC + m501....good combo or not?Kit1
Mono or 2 channel?abraham7
Atlas 12 photo shootJ.W.1
Alpine F#1 series IS THIS A GOOD SYSTEMRDS113
Sub to replace L7...?help!!william cowart7
Blowin ish upSubfanatic4
Which box to chosebasslova4
Help plzJames Longo9
Hows base sound in diff types of vehicles?773316
DOES IT MATTER!!!Subfanatic11
Choosin a sub boxSubfanatic3
Need Help Making A DecisionSubfanatic4
Enclosure for Sale!!!Chris Klein1
Pair of Kicker 10" L7's for sale.Laish A. Morse1
Diamond Audio TDX's RULE!!!Chris Klein6
Powered for sound?? be careful i guess......basslova17
Small box BIG SUBS any suggestionsabraham7
?James Longo6
Anyone have any exp. with IDMAX subs?James Longo3
Amp for 2 12w3smo12
Any one need 2 10" subsabraham4
Pre-Made Boxesmo2
False informationabraham12
How to tune a boxcoolcardude3
Hmm..Where are they?Subfanatic39
JL w1v2Subfanatic5
Please tell me how to hook up my subsSubfanatic12
Any good?Subfanatic9
Is this box any goodDonald Byrum jr2
18" soloX powerd by 6 -- 1200.1 kicker ampsSubfanatic19
Anyone Buy Any of These Solobaric Subs on Ebay if so from who and w...Subfanatic6
Kind of bassSubfanatic13
Batcat or batcap?Subfanatic7
Is there any way to get the same sound as...taylor1716
Jonathan...or people with experience... and also subfanaticSubfanatic10
Can a jl audio 10w7 get as deep as 12 and 15" subs?MO10
RE MT how to???Subfanatic3
Can anyone tell me whats the loudest sub on the earthSubfanatic51
Car cant handle it!Subfanatic11
Subs thump?Stan Wojtalewicz3
2 sub/amp setups, which is better?basslova12
12 X.X.X Ported vs 15" X.X.X SealedJonathan8
Kicker in a sealed boxsean6
One last time RE vs AdireRDS115
Rms of the Prototype?coolcardude11
StereoJeff Loughrey4
2 JL 500/1's for sale - Never Used or Installed - winner of auto so...Trevor Eaton29
Any one get this??JeremyC3
Anyone who online shops...Brandon9
Audiobahn alum Qtaylor172
Best subs to run in my 96 eclipseBrandon K18
Couldn't Believe It!TB1
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