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Matching gain on amp to head unitNateJ1
Swiss audiodavid alexander1
Zapco i force ampserik2
Hey guys... one more question!!!Isaac13
Hey Isaac?Isaac2
Should i make tha switch?Jonathan2
New system, need some helpChris4
Crossfire amps?hairballJ3
watts how many amp alternator do ineedJames Longo6
Should I get a new alternator?James Longo8
Looking for a PowerAmp for Computer...AHMER KHAN94
Eric PisankoIsaac3
Scratching soundIsaac2
HELP!!! Wiring my amp and subs PLZ!!!!!!!!James Longo11
Can do this??lucas beckner4
Hifonics BX1500dlucas beckner2
Question about volts please help!!James Longo3
Would diff. ohm value affect SQ?Jonathan8
Ma audio y2069krichard newberry1
Orion 2500D VS Hifonics Herculese XX lee bolwerk2
Looking for some expert amp adviceScott Lowe6
Orion AmpIsaac3
Is 60WRMS from amp too much for a 50WRMS speaker?Charles E.8
How would i wire 6x9 nd for 4x6 should then be in serious?James Longo2
Soundstream vs JBLnadykto john5
What do you think about mtx9500Donald Byrum jr3
Amp questionJames Longo7
Amp PollJames Longo3
AMP SELECTIONlee bolwerk2
Personal Suggestions Please!James Longo9
Wanted a1200 precision power ampJames Longo2
Best way to setup amplifierJames Longo2
Spark Amp while re-wiring, Blown Voice Coil?chris231
Same question...a little more simple...Charles E.6
Ok guys i know soem one is a adieo god in herePropaganda133
Sine wave test tone cd?monoblog5
Choosing an amp.russell moss21
Factory Refurbished amps?monoblog13
Who knows ampsRiddler3
Question about remote bass controlsubless8
How to hook up speakersDonald Byrum jr2
MA Audio amps??taylor173
How do you tell which amp to gettaylor172
Help WiringJames Longo11
In need of answers from someone to clear some things upCharles E.4
Kindof a weird question!johnny lemoine11
Keep blowing fuse whoyawhit9
Hifonics zeus z600 James Longo4
I got a questionJames Longo30
Whats a better amp?James Longo6
Bridging or seperate channels Isaac2
Hooking up 2 orion hcca 225g4Isaac2
Need some advice PLEASE!Isaac3
Amp For Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Components??adam pitkoff13
Help me choose a <$200 ampFL SurfLover6
Orion 225 HCCA for subs?Isaac5
Can my amp. handle it???????joe love7
Infinity 1210aJames Longo2
One more really techy question about car audio in homecounterbond1
I have to set gain at near max/max to get any sound?Jake Davis14
Profile ampsJames Longo4
Help with MA Audio AmpAndrew Hepler1
Can i hook my electric guitar to my car sterio?chris silviera1
Cool amp installserik1
ConfusedJake Davis3
Ok tell me how exactlyJake Davis4
WANTED-Orion HCCA 225g4Isaac7
Issac Isaac11
What amp to get for my 2x Type-R'sJames Longo3
Help on High Level Input.Cruzin5
No sound from speakers after wiring AmpKyle David Hess3
Boss IQ3kd.1 helpAnonymous1
2 subs,Mono Channel amplee bolwerk4
Amp for Infinity Kappa Perfect Chad Hurren5
Need help for choosing an amp for my boss subsbubba3
Link 2 HCCA's together?Isaac4
4 gauge wire amperage?Isaac4
MA Audio amps?Paul3
2 subs one amp, but which ones?Chad Hurren2
Car amplifier problemJames Longo4
Old school amps for sale on ebay !!!Jbreddawg2
Xtant 202MJ.W.1
Wiring a 2 ohm load? need help!Kyle Tice9
A8000T and infinity perfectsclipper10
Hey glass,Isaac,jonathan?Isaac11
Orion HccaIsaac7
Ordering amplee bolwerk1
Connecting amp to speakers, to stereo?? need helpIsaac2
Mounting a front component ampIsaac2
Any suggestionstaylor175
Amp gitting warmJonathan22
Quick Newbie Questionbrycebuslach11
12" type X and boss amp? taylor178
Orion 2500D good match for two Alpine type X'snelson1
What do you think? Give me your opinion.Franco4
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