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I have one JL 12w6v2 400 watts rms,I was going to get a 500/1 for it but ive heard that the orion hcca amps are really good. There is one on ebay for $275 it puts out
400rms at 2 ohms,that would be perfect for my sub.Now would the orion be better to get than the 500/1? The 500/1 is about $450 brand new shipped.I would save about half if i went with the orion.So wut should i do?Thanks for your help.

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I would go orion. But they do draw a lot more current being class a/b then the JL which is a class d mono amp just so you know you might notice more drain on your electrical system.

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Let me tell you something about Orion HCCA series. They are tested under 12v. In your car it's 13.8v so you will get much more than 400W rms. Another thing, don't let the small rms rating fool you. Trust me, I have the 250G4 model and it pounds harder than most amps 3x the power.
The best feature isn't that it's very under rated, but the sound quality. If you're looking for very clean mids, highs and accurate bass reproduction, then do invest in one.
Orion's biggest mistake was discontinuing HCCA amp series. They were the best.
Don't compare class D amps with HCCA series. The SQ is like night and day.

So definitly go with the orion? And should i get one with less than 400rms? Or would it be ok? And my truck (01 s10) it has a voltage meter and it is always at 14 or 14.5 is that pretty good?

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If you've never heard of Orion HCCA amps, then I recommend one. I had doubts before I bought it. People that had them sounded "fruity" with the sound quality so I had to try one out. It is one of the cleanest sounding amps I've ever tested.
If you're going to buy one, go for G4 or GS models, they have phase shift, High and low pass crossover with Intellli Q.
Don't buy models lower than HCCA 225.

Sorry for keep bugging u isaac but i really appreciate your help.What about the digital referance 225,not sure if thats g4 or gs? They have some of them on ebay. I think the specs on it is 400rms at 2ohms they are pretty cheap to.But there are two differant styles both say digital reference 225 i guess one is newer/older than the other one? And then there is a hcca 250r with almost the same specs. It says it puts out 400rms at 2ohms too.Wuts the differance in all these and which one would work best with the jl 12w6v2.Again thanks ALOT for your help.

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Digital Referece is not the G4 nor GS model. You can't miss it cause right after the number it'll say it. For example, the amp I have is 250G4. They also made HCCA 250GS, same amp but different colour combo.
Digital Reference is a bit older than G4/GS. However it's still a very nice amp. If you want pure power with clean sound reproduction, then HCCA is your choice.
If you find the G4 or GS model, grab it. As I mentioned before, it comes with phase shift, low and high pass crossover with Intellli Q. It is very handy if you ever want to power subs and rear speakers to get in sync with front. Be careful of older HCCA amps, some of them require bridging module to bridge. Not that it's important.
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