Amp For Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Components??


Wut amp would work the best with one set of infinity kappa perfect 6.5in. components.They are rms at 97 watts but i was just gonna run an amp with a 100x2 watts rms.Wut are some good amps with that rating?

Ive been looking around and came up with these amps.

Zapco Reference 2ch 300w,100x2-$379
Zapco iForce 2ch 300w,100x2-$224.99
Hifonics Zeus 2ch 400w,100x2-$189.99
Soundstream Rubicon 2ch 500w,100x2-$199.99
Soundsteam Van Gogh 2ch 400w,100x2-$458.99
Alpine 2ch 600w,110x2-$199.99
Clarion 2ch 400w,100x2-$209.99
Hifonics Nemesis 2ch 400,100x2-$159.00
Pioneer 2ch 760w,125x2-$129.00
JBL 2ch 600w,180x2-$249.99
JBL 2ch 260w,97x2-$129.99
MTX Thunder 2ch 500w,125x2-$249.99
Infinity 2ch,97x2-$145.00

Im still looking but are there any amps that I should mark off my list,which ones are better than others?Any other suggestions?My price range is no more than $300-$400

I personally like the infinity, alpine and the hifonics zeus. these 3 are a great bang for your buck if you're on a tight budget. but since you're willing to spend a little more, i've heard good things about zapco. i'm sure someone could enlighten you more on this.

Also ive herd infinitys love power so should i run them more than 100 watts rms? Maybe run them at like 150 or 200 watts or would that be too much?

Anyone have any advice or comments i would really appreciate it?

Would I be able to run the JL 300/2 its 150x2? Is 150watts too much for the kappa perfects?

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Most bang for your money, go look on eBay for PPI amp. I think for 4 channel, they have PCX-480 model and 2 channel PCX2125. The auction is ending today and so far the bid is $91 for each.
I would've bought those 2 amps but since I have Orion HCCA and PPI Art series 600.2 amp, I no longer need amps.

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Ive got a hardly used infinity reference 7540a its 111w rmsx4 @ 4 ohms matched almost prefectly for the 6.5 components.

Thanks but i only need a 2 ch amp i know it would still work but its just a waste of 2 ch. Im only running one set of components.

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PPI PCX2125. Great amp for your money.

I cannot find a ppi pcx2125 if you know where i can get one please let me know.Thanks

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If you go to and do a search on PPI, you'll see an amp PCX 2125 on sale right now for $150.

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i run a pcx-2125 to my 2 type r's and it sounds pretty damn nice
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