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Just bored?James Longo1
2 Subs and an ampRobbie Brown3
Ported box for 2 AudiobahnsJohn Forker1
15" x.x.x. in preludeZepp6
Good not uber-expensive amp for Type X, search is down, plz answer.j-dub dub19
10" Rockford P3--- Which amp to go along? look at linkEric W1
Where is the bass....?kickercomp4
Type-R vs Kappakumar2
Sub for Alipine MRV-450 AmpBrian Anderson1
Just wonderingRobbie Brown4
ECLIPSE ALUMINUM 12's Sealed or Ported?Dankman1
Sealed or Ported For JL 12w6v2Anonymous3
Elemental designs Jake Davis20
One kicker l7 15". ported box, how much cubic feet, and how should ...Mickey Evan Powell2
What are some good subs to put in a type 2 truck box?kenny eugene hammond3
Hey Guys and Gals I Appear Againsean1
1Power sub compared to many subsdanny ivan1
Best box for one Adire ShivaHunter Warren2
Need a little help narrowning down my list....Hunter Warren57
Hey hunter....Hunter Warren2
Duel 10's Box for 1990 Chevy Ext. Cabmarshall white2
2 amps to one l7Jeff Loughrey2
DD 3515 vs RE SX15...everyday and spl comp on bp1200.1???HELP!!!Anonymous2
A Couple of Online Companies to AvoidRazali11
Clipping Questionlee bolwerk4
Used adire TempestRoger O3
Subwoofer helpstevda41
2 Subs and an ampRobbie Brown1
Kicker L7 helptaylor177
Any1 know how to use winlSD ???? im so confused?!?!?REDSKIN10
Dual audioAnonymous7
Ported BoxCory B3
Ported boxAnonymous1
Ported box constructionAnonymous4
Phoenix amp for 18inch RE x-x-xmo3
Box QuestionJohn Forker1
Good box building programJeff Loughrey2
Quick question... please help!Jeff Loughrey2
Easy couple of questions for expertsJeff Loughrey2
Subwoofer choosing!?!?Jeff Loughrey2
New subwoofer setup helpJeff Loughrey2
Looking 4 custom enclosure for six 10" MTX 8k DVCs in JGCInvictuz5
Hifonics 1500d or 1800d?Anonymous3
Curious of your thoughts... stuck on which to get... help would be ...Hunter Warren15
RE X.X.X.Hunter Warren68
Please Help? What speakers for a fosgate power T15002?Gixxer10001
How much will a 500/1 push a 12w7 to in a sealed box? ported?Jeff Loughrey3
What gauge wire should i use for my component set??Jeff Loughrey6
Audiobahn (sorry guys),.....Stan Wojtalewicz6
Custom boxRobbie Brown3
Anyone with type r dual 4ohm...wanna sell it or them????Stan Wojtalewicz2
Alpine or AudiobahnStan Wojtalewicz5
Please readBaByBrOcK5
I know nothing and need helpStan Wojtalewicz9
What kind of subs for my amp?killer2
What does inverting the sub do to SQ and SPL?ThatGuyYouKnow2
Want to run subs off wall socket.ThatGuyYouKnow16
Re X.X.X. ........JUST LOOK..LOLThatGuyYouKnow4
Sub box deminionsAnonymous1
Digital Designs dd3515?????Jonathan4
Jlw7 or solobaric l7da miami chico26
What gauge wire should i use for my component set??Anonymous1
Rubberized undercoating IN suboxmatt3
Pioneer TS-SW124D good for cars also???Girle Girl1
Kicker L5/L7kumanan3
Clarion subs?Anonymous1
Sub Box for 2 12" Subs in a 2000-2002 RangerDavid King1
Could 1 15" RE SX do mid 140s w/ 1200wrms???basslova3
Solobaric L7 in MIATAJeff Loughrey5
Alpine/Audiobahn thoughtsJeff Loughrey4
Kenwood w3009 or rockford p212s4Jeff Loughrey3
MMATS Vs. REbasslova7
Hatch backbasslova4
Sensitivity questionJonathan6
JL 500/1 for two JL 10W7's?Tim Shouder6
Quick ?killer18
I have a bp1200.1, what sub should i get??? glass, john, anyone!!!Justin McLaughlin14
Bandpass box sub?Tomas P. Melendez5
Advice on 13w7Justin McLaughlin11
Just a lil help here plez!kenny eugene hammond5
Questions concerning various enclosuresHunter Warren4
Truck ideas...?DR MAX5
Glass or anyone elseHunter Warren18
Wireing two DVC JLW6's to 2ohmsJustin McLaughlin5
Best Subs for $500Justin McLaughlin13
Random ?'s From the new guyChad Agostinelli4
Explain thisone to me...come on try it...GlassWolf8
Is This Right?? GlassGlassWolf4
Starting a list of Crappy BrandnamesGlassWolf6
X.X.X vs W7 in a way never never compared before...experts....GlassWolf10
Loudest subtaylor174
Quick question, how do I...Joe Smoe19
2 8' and 1 12' sub in civicmaxxin8814
??? which sub Anonymous2
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