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Im looking to put RE x.x.x subs in a 2002 ext. cab truck. Most installs ive seen in trucks has always been 2 10's under the back seat. I would really like to go bigger then 2 10's. Ok, with the being said does anyone have any ideas on a custom enclosures setup? I was thinking about maybe 2 15's or 4 12's in the bed firing into the cab somehow?( dont know if it i would need to cut the back panel out or not?) I would like to keep the back seat in if possible. If anyone has done a custom install in a truck or has any ideas that would be helpfull. Also, if someone knows of some websites that has some installs pics in trucks would be helpfull if you could please post them.

Thanks for all the help.

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Go with 4 12's, they will be louder than 2 15's, more surface areia... so it will move more air resulting in more bass.
Cutting on the truck will hurt it's resale vallue, so I would try not to do that if it wher me.
You can downfire them, face them down. It will be a tight fit with 4 12's is the only problum, not exactly sure how much air space the 12's need. Just do som measuring for that.
If 4 won't fit, 2 15's will.

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Anyone else have any ideas?

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Go here and check ou their extra deep special order box.It says they'll work with 2 12's with a mounting depth of 7".
Hope this helps at least it'll give you some good ideas.

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First, x.x.x. need a hefty amount of cubes to really enjoy 'em, and, have you ever listened to a 15" x.x.x. ?If not, I suggest you listen to one of them. They're fuck3n LOUD!!!!!I got a 15" X.x.x. in a ford supercrew f150( 4 doors) What I did was built a box to go in the middle of the passengers in the rear bench. an "L" shaped box.Its 4.2 cubes tuned to 29Hz and it fuck3n rocks!!!!!!You could probably do the same if you have a 3 seat rear bench. the box would be the middle pass. you could fit a single 15" or 2 12"s. Listen though, a single 15" will be enough.good luck
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