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I noticed just yesterday that my system is having a problem with clipping because of the low quality head unit I have not putting out enough volts. I have a Boss amp (I know, I know, low quality) that comes with one of those remote bass knobs. Now, from listening to the music with my trunk open, it starts to clip when i get the volume around 27, which is what I normally listen to it at when i feel like thumpin around. The problem is I dont fully understand clipping. When i turn my remote bass knob down all the way, then turn my head unit up to 27, it dosent sound like it is clipping, but that is my question. Is clipping just something you can hear, or do you think it is still clipping when i have my bass knob down and volume up?

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Clipping isn't necessarily something you hear, although it can be, in the form of distortion. The sub might even be distorting and the amp won't be clipping.
Clipping happens when you try to push more out of the amp then it can produce, or not setting your gains correctly.

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if you have your trunk open that will make your sub sound funny too. Does it only sound like that when your trunk is open?

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what model is the amp. ( i know it doesnt make a difference but i used to have a boss amp)
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