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What do you think? Kicker subs + Audiobhan ampPaul Harrison13
Kicker or Coustic 12inch SUBs??KrazyK5
Type X components any good? Breaking in period?GlassWolf4
System....jeremie boop3
Mixing Subs??Elecgenius4
The best SpeakersElecgenius2
Kicker s10l7 wiring?Alex Kintis2
Glass or jon>>>>>>>>> bass enhancer for sub...Elecgenius3
Can any one give me their opinion on these....Elecgenius10
The best SpeakersElecgenius11
Question for my friend -- Glass and JohnathanJonathan10
Alpine type R subshightemplar5
172.2db with one sub!!!!!!!zacdavis~8
Question about a box for 2 12" subs..GlassWolf3
RE X.XX Sub InformationGlassWolf6
Sub QuestionGreg Belous3
Glasswolf ONLY (hehe :-P)its_bacon124
Question for Glass on refurbsjeremie boop9
SQ and SPL????GlassWolf9
Im not sureGlassWolf5
Adire ShivasGlassWolf10
Looking to build a systemGlassWolf20
3 JL 10w3 vs. 2 Rockford hx2.darryl fresh6
Just ordered stereo system partsAlex Kintis14
Question about frequency response from different subsJonathan9
Ohms for DVC vmax and corresponding ampNick1
LevelNick Hard Leptinberg1
Subwoofer Comparison2Matthew morse7
Dvc substaylor3
Want to add subs to my carGlassWolf9
Man did i make a mistake, but. need help.....GlassWolf5
Subwoofer PositioningDamien Roberts2
Voice coilsCory Beluzar1
2 Memphis PR 10's or 1 Type-R 12Vakde2
Ground wirepaddy17
Need your Advice guys..Mark Ali5
Battary and Fuse problemsJames7
Powered 4 sound hype?Slap Johnson3
IDq vs Eclipse Aluminum vs M6needyourhelp7
Confused on the wiring on my amp, can anyone help?Daniel6
Powered4sound boxesjeremie boop2
2 ohm or 4 ohm subwoofers?sean5
Everything is on it's way, Except I need a Sub.sean7
1 Infinity Perfect 12 VQ sub off of this amp?sean2
Db with 12" brahma mkIIjeremie boop1
1 15" vs. 2 12"hiphopanonymous1
1 or 2 subs off same amp?GlassWolf10
Call me crazi but......Elecgenius7
2 15 kicker comps or 1 15 rf hx2?Steven2
Who works or owns a shop??sean3
X.XX vs. W7alex isbell27
Safe internet buyingChris5
Impendance question GlassWolf6
4 Kicker L7 8 inchAnonymous5
SVC or DVC subs. Cerwin vega vmaxsean2
Smallest subsJeffrey D3
RE-model MTJordan Athnos1
RE - model MTJordan Athnos1
Audiobahn SubsGlassWolf26
Alpine type X's 12"GlassWolf6
Adire TumultAnonymous4
ID vs. Adire Koda's...Jeffrey D2
Sub and amp powering issueAnonymous1
Just got three jl 10w3v4 for 100 bucks need help with amp matching....decka12
Glass... quik questionOrlandoThomas4
Sub box helpAlex Kintis5
Subwoofer Batlle!!!!Jeffrey D7
I feel like a retardChris5
Which sub for meOrlandoThomas11
DVC or SVC...that is the question????Damien R15
Hey, i need some this good????GlassWolf6
Rookie!!! I need expert help, ive heard Glasswolf knows his stuff, ...GlassWolf8
Are there any good new Rockford Subs?Jeffrey D4
Infinity Perfect SubsJeffrey D2
Sub makes "popping" noise...HELP!!!GlassWolf3
Which way to go Cerwin Vega V-Maxs or Kicker Comp VR's? Need Help!!...matt775
Cerwin Vega Strokers!!!Steven14
Question about Subs & AMPGlassWolf5
Best Type of Enclosure for Infinity SubEdward Joseph1
What to go with my JLW7's...phea5
Question about digital design subs its_bacon125
Thoughts please...its_bacon125
17,000 MX and 8500 rms---the soundstream X.X.X.GlassWolf11
Different boxes?GlassWolf5
2ohms or 8ohms???its_bacon123
Looking for a 8inch Subxxmdfmkxx3
Headlights now turning off by themselves.Audionoob134
ID10 v.3 Subs...Anonymous4
2 12' idmax or 12' RE SEDave1
Subwoofer ComparisonGlassWolf19
Box specs on RE X.X.XGlassWolf8
Wiring at 2ohms and......Snowman21091
Is 1 ohm safe on these???GlassWolf5
Where to buy good enclosuresGlassWolf4
Subwoofer Break InJeff Loughrey2
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