Man did i make a mistake, but. need help.....


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hello everyone i did the worst thing a person could do, i bought 2 audiobahn subs. after reading and reading on the forum i learned never to buy those subs and i made the mistake doing so, haha, i read reviews and believed em they all said with these subs u can be heard! anyways im guessing i got em hooked up wrong BIG TIME! cause they sound like crap, but yet reviews say they sound good, there dual voice coils and have dual lug terminals, they are audiobahn alum 12 q. anyways how i hook em up, in the manual all the way in the back it says all the terminals have to be hooked up so thats 8 terminals in all, lol thats alot, than like the page before the last says that all of them dont have to be, and talks about series and parrel wiring, so wtf how do u wire these things, i got a big problem casue wen i hook em up they sound bad and i dont have money right now to go out and have a professional install em, any help please!!!!

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on the back of the subwoofer there is 2 positive terminals and two negative terminals. for each sub take a short piece of speaker wire and run positive to negative and then positive out to amp and negative out to amp......

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By the way, those alum q's are the best audiobahn subs. You couldn't compare them to any higher end subs, but from what i read, they are decent subs.

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alright ill try, im so confused by these 2 terminals and crap, lol iunno y ill tell u how it went

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I think their Immortal series are their best, but anyway here's a wiring wizard that should help:
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