4 Kicker L7 8 inch


Was planning to put 4 kickers 8's in my sport trac. I was planning to take all the panels behind the rear seat and make a fibreglass enclosure for the four subs. should i make seperate boxes for each 8? or pair em, or just one large box. Also what amp(s) should i get to power these 450 rms babies. Remember when listing subs i want something affordable. Dont confuse with cheap, that will do the job.

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you are better of doiong 1 huge box, it makes it also a little anti-theft and for spl and sq reasons.
Now for the 8'', are they 450 rms each or in total??.

There 450 RMS. If anyone else has any other suggestions for another type of 8 inch sub lemme know. And also need the min and max for the size of the box.

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if you want some other good subs to look at, try DD's 3500 model or RE's SE or SX lines.
They aren't "cheap" but they're certainly not $400 a piece or anything.
four of any of those three will give you terrific SQ, and still be hella loud.
I'm not a fan of the square solobarics.
they have a number of design issues. lead-slap and separation, cone/motor dettachment, cone flex distortion, and surround failure thanks to uneven stress points. Not to emntion inherantly low excursion due to the square cone design not allowing the surrounds to function as efficiently as a round sub.
What you gain in cone surface area, you lose in throw. No real gain there in reality.

Thanks for the input ill tske a look at those series of subs and decide from there
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