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Good sub near 170rmssean24
What you guys think?Suicide-Shifter3
HELP!!!! I need to pick out a sub that will hit hard...Joe Smoe13
ARW 15koz1
What materials needed to fiberglass my slot ported boxzacdavis~3
Are snail shell enclosures all that they are hyped up to be?Jonathan12
Car battery?zacdavis~4
Could subs make the cd player skip zacdavis~10
Best 12" subwoofer? Only pushing 300 watts?Jonathan7
Importance of subwooer box sizeJonathan3
Alpine type E's vs X.X.XJonathan11
Sub question Help!!!!Juggalo Jeff3
FutureshopJeffrey D5
Quik question bout subs repli plzOrlandoThomas6
About to finalize system think its enoughJoe Smoe2
Adire Shiva What kinda box ?Prajesh Prajapti3
What kind of box should I run my 2 12 Adire Brahmas in?OrlandoThomas2
94 dodge dakota helpSteven3
Shiva or Cerwin Vega? Does Shiva run better in pairs?ryan c.7
Using 1of the 2 voice coils, Please helpSteven2
V max boxes where to get cerwin vega boxesJeffrey D2
Need Help!!Nick Hard Leptinberg2
IDMAX subs 2 10" or 2 12"Jonathan7
Best subs for the moneyMazdaMan4
Car audio places in Arkansas?Jesse N1
Cerwin VegaBigYellowTaxi4
Best AMP for 2 I7 Kickers?Kevin Cowley9
CHEAP help!BadAzzBowtie5
Best subs for the moneyBadAzzBowtie2
Entry poor questions. infinity or nakamichi?koz2
THis box good? at least averageBryan B2
Amp kit questionAnonymous2
Custom made subszacdavis~3
Whats the differenceBryan B2
Why Is Bandpass Bad???James Jeffery Dunn7
45hz tuning on port.....Jonathan2
New Infiniti System Help?Anthony Nelson2
Broken sub...hellllpzacdavis~3
Just got another system quote, how does this pricing sound?Jonathan13
SPL subwooferszacdavis~6
Ported Box or Sealed Box??????????????zacdavis~2
What box should I get?Jeff Loughrey2
Max vented box size for a brahma 10"???SPL!!!Anonymous2
QUICK Qestion. ebay auction ending, which subs better 2 shivas or 2...tyson hunt3
What sub enclosure should I get for 2 12 Adire Brahmas?matt772
BandassJames Jeffery Dunn1
Box helpSteven5
W3v2-Paul -1
Silicone has no effect on JL speakers?marshall white2
Sub Wiring help!!????????????Anonymous3
Sealed, ported, or bandpass box?Joseph2
Box??Nick Hard Leptinberg1
Plexiglass.. where do I start?djhobo94
What Amp??Nick Hard Leptinberg1
Is this any goodDevak6
What kinda amp should I get for 2 adire brahma 12 inch subs?Audionoob133
AmpJeffrey D1
4 Kicker 10" SubsRickey2
Alpine vs JLMike Davis1
Sonotube An Idea For Car Or Home Use You Decidesean5
Wiring subs??????? Gene Biermann3
Need info plzAnonymous7
Need a new sub to replace my old one, wanna try something different...koz9
JBL GT1041D How Are These Subs?Jarrad2
How do u kow??Anonymous8
Cleanest 10" sub *ADVICE* for a newbieRoy Hannah1
Hey custom Sub Enclosuredjhobo95
Buildin a boxdjhobo92
Best Box?Jonathan8
What do you mean with SQ and SPL?sean2
Best dimensions for 2 shivas?Audionoob135
What pair of 12 inch subs should I get?Audionoob138
What Amp should i getAudionoob1316
Aeroport kitsAudionoob131
Phoniex Xeon 12D4 any goodvoodooI5
Is this a decent dB score for one 10"???Jonathan24
What is the best 12" sub with 300W to push?ryan c.5
SVC vs. DVCKyle Leduc4
My new system, please help glass-Johnmarshall white4
Sub question HelpAnonymous1
Can this be done?Pat Lorenz3
What do I get dual 2 ohms or dual 4 ohms for subs?nick4
03CVR124 or SoloBaricGene Biermann3
Two 12" Aluminum Cone Eclipse's V's 1 other subjo ho9
Which Brand??Nick Hard Leptinberg7
Are crossfire any goodcoola1
A system??Nick Hard Leptinberg1
Anyone know anything obout koda 10's???steve1
Installation ShopsAnonymous1
Is this good Specs. for my subs?Pat Lorenz8
Dammit, how do I decide between dual 8''s and dual 10''s...Jesse N6
Help with ampOettinger1
1 15'brahma vs 2 15'tempestSlap Johnson4
Resonant engineeringse and sxDave2
L5's L7's Single or Dual??sean4
Ok Quarter Wave Question Need Some Answerssean1
JLW7, MTX 9500, Rockford Power T2 series, Kicker L7 or Orion H2 -- ...Ricco21
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