How do u kow??


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How can you tell if a sub thumps hard!! Like do you look for Watts, db, ect??

Well, if they tell you how many dbs it will hit than that is what to look for,IMO.The more db it will hit the harder the sub will thump.But if it doesn't tell you the db than you can look at the watts,usualy the more watts it holds the harder the sub will thump.

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dude thats not always true. a x.xx , brahma, or vmaxx dont take a lot of power to be loud. its almost all about how efficent the sub is in using the energy, also look at the xmax and stuff...dont just look at the wattage. wattage does not equal loudness. also the more the area the louder as well...look at that kinda stuff and not just the wattage.

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the install and the type of vehicle are MAJOR factors in how loud or how good the system will sound.

for example...

i have a braham 10" in a ~1.6cuft ported enclosure, it is set up as more of an SQ system. i hit 132.6db this weekend (in a truck).

another guy put that exact same sub in a 6th order bandpass box and hit a little over 147dB (in a car).

its all in the install!


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i dont think you would be able to get 132.6 db out of a single 10" sub

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i hit 132.6dB this weekend w/ one brahma 10",
great SQ too.

here is a pic of my enclosure (before i carpeted it):

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132.6 is very possible with a single 10" sub.

What I meant was that if you have a sub that holds 1000 watts rms it will hit harder than a sub with 100 watts rms.I know that is not always the case but most of the time it is.
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