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Well i'v been doing my homework, I decided on getting one Brahma MK II 15" sub. I want to put it into a ported (vented) box so i can get the most out of the sub. And what would be a good AMP to push this driver, i was thinking a BX1000D

Give me some box specs that i should build off of, Size and what to tune the port to.

I drive a 01 grand cherokee if that helps.

Any help would be a great!

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Param 15"

Fs 26 Hz
Vas 113 liters
Pmax4 1600W RMS, 4800W peak
SPL5 1m 87.6 dB @ 1W, 1m
Diameter 15.5"
Cutout 14"
cubic feet 0.18
pounds 41

NOTE: Power rating is thermal only! It is NOT a power requirement; typically you get full output with significantly less power than the ratin

so make a box thats over 113 Liters and cut out a hol that is 14" in diamater and find an mono amp that is close to 1600wrms pending on the amount of power ull want to get out of this sub

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brahma sorry not parama

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you dont need 1600watts for that brahma.

1600wrms is just a thermal rating, you can reach the mechanical limits of the sub w/ much less power, that BX1000 should do.

you can BURP the sub at a higher watage, but that is more of a comp thing. you will risk blowing the sub!

deminsions for box designs can be found on the Adire audio site.

1000watts is plenty!
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