Broken sub...hellllp


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i got 2 12"L7's powered by a hifonics 1500D amp
and i just got back from the audio place for installation and one sub is working and the other isnt...(i bought these used off ebay btw, probly a mistake) the guy took the sub out said one of the voice coils on one of the subs was damaged... from what i saw.. the wire looked cracking and almost broken, but when he pushed the wire up with his finger the current passed through... what shouldi do about fixing this?... would a simple soldering iron would do the trick?, i asked him about thsi and he said that would work because i would just fall off (whcih is hard to believe i think) any help would be appreciated..

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you know it's probally all on how good you can solder. Soldering it up might do the trick. I mean might as well take the chance if you paid for it and it's not going to work anyway. I know that i would probally try soldering it, but ive had a little bit of experience, although even if you haven't had much, this seems like an easier task. Good Luck.

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heres the trick!!!!!ready?......
ok the "tinsel" is what your going to be soldering to the terminal. the terminal has a metal peice about one inch long that the tinsel was soldered to, first off bend it in a little towards the cone(this will make up for the now shorter tinsel). ok, now, DON'T put the iron tip on the tinsel!, only the metal peice(terminal), you must "tin" it, (melt some solder into it), it is very importent that you have the tinsel ready to connect to it.
now for the trick, with one hand holding the iron against the terminal, the other hand will set the tinsel on the terminal using a pair of needle nose pliars.
it is crucial that you use these pliars and squeeze them tight because you don't want the tinsel to "tin", if this happens the tinsel will lose its flexibility (because it will have soaked up solder)
it should stick to the terminal instantly, don't try to add more solder after this, its done.
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