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Is it possible to use regular rca cable for coaxial audioCasey2
Sony receiver help needed with subwfr detectionpoochi4251
Sharp 26" LCD to OLD ReceiverGeorge Bailey5
Confused with Surround Soundfred smith7
I'm Buying 7.1 Surround SoundNick Carroll8
Just looking for some opinonsDavid Mitchell3
Hooking up my 5.1 to my tvARETHA F. SMALLLS3
I need help with the setup Denon 3805 receiverCale Sahl4
Hdmi cable???earl jarrell1
Hooking up new tv to older receiverCasey4
Quick question - digital coax - Edmond Dantes2
Durabrand Surround system.LH-C6235Richard Provost1
Sound dropping in and outMandy Paycro1
Looking for a 7.1 Receiver that does 6.1 wellJosh Raetz2
Yamaha EMX 5016 CF Sound problems.JOHN S2
Sky + with Dolby DigitalJOHN S11
Toslink extension problem on Hi Def DVD playersJohn Jackson1
Only 1 Digital Coaxial InputDR1
Quetion on bose 901IV speakersGavin2
What exactly is THX, and is it worth paying more for a THX receiver?COCOON18
Elite audio EA-6040Jon13
How does a sub work?Gavin3
Best Surround Receiver for Budget Polk Speakers...Stangjason1
Denon Receiver Sound IssuesBryan Mack1
Help- can't get 5.1working with new HDTV setupDamon8
Connecting a TV and two PCs to the same speakersRyan1
Denon AVR-1082 Sound in two rooms? Please help..Michael1
Looking for a online store for a refurbished surround ampEric Miller1
Doubt with my setup.joe macanudo3
Help figuring out how to connect...?Derrick Brannon3
Help with my new receiverJOHN S2
Pure Audio Issue :-(...Nikolas9
Very much confused!!!Theodore2
Using a optical to coaxial converter for surround soundRod6
Sound problem on DVD playerluka1
A/V Receiver with Integrated CD/DVD PlayerJim Kintzer1
LG Surround Sound system HELP!!Stuart Fischoff59
PCM/DTS HD sound/new ampJosh Raetz5
Whats the diff between 5.1,6.1,7.1David Mitchell12
Optical Audio Out and HDMIJim Bob Jones4
AMW P8A5 - missing remote controlJOHN S6
Need helpBrian6
I can fully hear background noise but....Berny4
Whats the difference Berny2
BI Apmping question john thompson4
Sony or pioneerBerny4
Audio CD in Surrounddaniel scrobe5
Surround Sound ProblemBerny4
Hooking up a dvd playerBerny6
7.1 speaker systemJosh Raetz1
Moviesangelo lombardi3
Onkyo receiver ht-r520Chris Winkel1
What AV receiver would be best for my roomangelo lombardi12
Onkyo 790s speaker mouunts ?Berny2
Creative T6100Berny2
Receiving other signal via aux. in surround systembill hankins3
Backing Up DVD Collection?David Massey9
No Center Speaker sound on old Kenwood nv-701Berny2
Help! Annoying ticking noise from speakers!!!!!Berny8
PS 3Josh Raetz3
New sound formats for Blu Ray and HD DVDAaron Galwey13
No sound william smith1
Dish NetworkDavid Massey8
Reference 30 Problemdave richards1
Aperion AudioBerny2
Why are optical plugs polarized??Berny2
Dts gone...David Massey2
Digital Optical Cable **multiple problems**bill hankins7
New Home theaterNikolas A4
Optical hook up for 5.1???Donnie Summers19
"Surround" & "Surround Back" speakers; which have more impact?...videobruce1
Surround back speaker questionbrett widenhouse3
Pro Logic II - high frequency interference - is this normalusernamex3
Am I getting DTS? DVD Player doesn't support it but Surround Sound ...JOHN S4
Dolby digital questionglenn newell3
Do home theatre systems have seperate DTS outputs?Daniel J4
Which of these receivers....Hawk9
6.1 DTS-ES Helpgerbil love9
Best 7.1 movies?Jose Santos2
Audio Out on TV very weak.JOHN S7
PS2 Optical Audio Output into Dolby 5.1Marcus Penfold3
Newbie With A Stupid Questiondavid pannell3
Surround sound system for pcWolfman5
Kenwood VR6050 - Surround Sound problem. Please HelpRichard H Strickler6
Need some help with receiverBerny3
Why is only the center speaker working???Berny13
AV SynchronizationBerny2
Surround sound humJacob Saenz2
Cadence speaker review/advice? A-15s, S-15s, C-15Floyd Dennis Crook2
Surround sound problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Andre Money2
Echo when playing DVD with Dolby hooked to Receiver with Dolby and ...Andre Money7
Need advice in a bad way !JOHN S3
HD Digital Cable Receiver to AV receiverwilliam scott1
Center Channel Distorition, PLEASE HELP...Berny8
Where to buy dolby, dts posters?armstrongguy5
PC Surround Sound - Help...Berny2
I've bought a Denon AVR 1507 should I worry?Caroline Corfield4
Best setting for tvBerny12
Stereo into Logitech Z-5350 Digitalbrent atkins3
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