Am I getting DTS? DVD Player doesn't support it but Surround Sound does


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Hi. I was wondering if I actually am getting DTS.
At the moment, I have this Philips dvd player: DVP5140/37
link here: 074038&catid=20208

Apparently the Philips player doesn't have a dts decoder (or support dts or whatever). But I have this Yamaha surround system (YHT170S) that does - link here: 072857&catid=20311

Right now I have an RCA cable going from the digital coaxial out on the dvd player to the digital coaxial in on the yamaha reciever. And when I put the Yamaha surround system on Auto, and am playing a DVD on the DTS setting, my surround sound system detects DTS! How can this be if the Philips player does not support DTS?
Is it because as long as you have a decoder somewhere in the chain, DTS will work??

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ps: I forgot to mention that my Philips dvd player does not have optical out, just coaxial digital out, which is what I'm using. But I'm using a simple RCA cable.

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Hi Daniel, your dvd player doesn't need a dts decoder, it just needs to be able to output it (I sure it will). Your amp should decode the signal by the sound of things too. Just make sure to select the dts soundtrack when playing the disk though.

Also, get rid of that "RCA cable" though (I assume its a flimsy free audio analogue audio cable?). You don't have to buy something expensive, just a cable of the right spec. It should be coxail cable and 75 ohm to pass the digital signal correctly.

Its fairly easy to make your own for a few bucks too. Recommend coax with both foil and good copper braid, and try use good RCA plugs though. Real cheap ones are hard to solder / crimp, and they probably way off 75ohm too.


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Daniel, I don't know why BB says no on DTS with this unit, but I have confirmed at C|NET that this player will output DTS. Besides, the DTS logo should be plastered on the unit's face plate and on the owner's manual.

My favorite poor man's digital cable is a factory-made RG6 coax with a pair of these screwed on either end:

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