Elite audio EA-6040


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today i bough a 9 piece surround s for 300 dollars, and the story is similar like others in this forum, the guy said it was worth 2500.00
and he oryginally wanted 500.00 , i did research
and i cant seem to find any information
the brand is elite sound model number EA-6040
for some reason i think ripped off. help find info on this item please

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Yes, you got ripped off. Return it and save your money.

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I live in Europe, where we use 220 volt instead of 120V.
I was told, that I will need an adapter, so I can switch from 120 to 220V, but before I buye the adapter, it is important for me to know how much power/volts the adapter switcher (120V to 220V) needs to handle.

I hope somebody can answer the question.


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The Question above is for the EA-6040 model...

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What is the proper price for the EA 6040?

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Whatever one is willing to pay or get conned for.

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Let me guess another front for ripping people off seen this popping up more and more on craigslist and eBay.

Is there a site that has a running list of these sites and products?

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Got it.


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holy crap! i am so stupid! exact same thing happened to me except it was a white truck. they even said buy me some beers. :C. oh god im stupid. somebody shoot me. really shoot me in the head right now. how freaking embarassing..

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Learn from it and move on.

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Yep, I know how you feel David..
It could be "nice" to meet the guy again!

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is there such speaker model of elite audio a-6035

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here is a list i found on another site.

White Van Speakers - $50

If you paid more you bought them out of the back of a van or suv.

If you get approach by people trying to sell you this stuff ,
take some pictures of them , get a plate # , and call your local police and local news.

Do a search for white van speakers , you'll find some interesting reviews ..

Don't get Scammed ! Brands sold out of white speaker vans or suv

Acoustic Monitor
Acoustic Response,
Acoustic Image, Acoustic Lab Technology
Dan Wave
Dogg Digital,
Digital Dogg Audio
Digital Research
Genesis Media Labs
Digital Pro Audio,
Pro Audio,
Digital Audio,
Digital Audio Professional Speaker Systems,
Digital Audio Skyline
Digital Research
Elite Audio
Epiphany Audio
Matrix Audio Concepts
Millennium Theater Systems (MTS)
Omni Audio
Premier Acoustics
Pro Dynamics
Theater Research

Bought speakers out of the back of a van or suv ?

We found the guy that's been ripping people off.

Call him now and get your money back !

Robert M Sullivan dob June 03 , 1968

Phone 303-618-0975

anyone who writes that these things sound fine is either making money off of them, a scam victim seeking to pawn off his folly on someone else, or they need to have a root canal performed on their ears.

White Van Speakers
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