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Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone could advise me on the following.

I would like to upgrade my Home Theatre due to now owning a PS3 and would really like to hear what Blue-ray discs have to offer in uncompressed sound or DTSHD(my current system does not have an HDMI input). I have been looking at the below amp and wonder if anyone could advise if this would be suitable to hear the sound I require through the PS3. I dont really know what I'm looking for.

Amplifier power (watts): 7 x 75 (8 ohms, RMS)

Key decoding: Dolby: Digital/EX, Pro-Logic IIx Movie/Music/Game
DTS: /ES Matrix/Discrete, Neo:6 Music/Cinema, 96/24
DSP & eq. modes: Theatre-dimensional virtual surround sound mode; Mono-Movie, Orchestra, Unplugged, Studio Mix, TV Logic, All Channel Stereo, Full Mono DSP modes; bass and treble controls.

Adjustable subwoofer crossover frequency on-board (between 40 & 200Hz).

All decoding off mode to bypass all internal decoding for "pure stereo". Dynamic range compression (Late Night Mode) option. Double bass bass re-enforcement output mode. 5 frequency manual equaliser control

0-100ms lipsync compensation setting
Auto microphone calibration: Yes. Supplied setup mic measures your speakers from your listening position and automatically configures eq, levels, crossover etc for best performance
Video/Audio inputs & outputs: REAR:
2 x HDMI in (input assignable)
3 x video in (component video, S-video, composite video and stereo line in)
1 x video record out (S-video, composite video & stereo line out)
HDMI, component video, S-Video & composite video monitor outputs
RI interface, for use with remote-switchable devices such as Onkyo DSA2 iPod dock
Independent video and audio record switching
Composite video & stereo line in (via 3 x RCA/phono sockets)
6.3mm (1/4") headphones jack
Video format conversion: No
Analogue audio: 5.1 input for multi-channel SACD/DVD-Audio or use with a source (eg DVD player) with a built-in multi-channel decoder (6 x RCA/phono)
Subwoofer pre-output (RCA/phono)
Tape loop (2 pairs of RCA/phono stereo line in and out)
CD in (2 x RCA/phono)
Digital audio: 2 x coaxial digital inputs (via RCA/phono)
2 x optical digital inputs (via Toslink)
All digital connections are input assignable
Speaker outputs: 7 channel amplifiers on board. Can be configured for a single 7.1 speaker system or a 5.1 speaker system plus an independently switched stereo speaker system (for use in another room, for instance). Both full 7.1 and the 2nd stereo speakers can be fully connected, with the switching of the second stereo speaker system reverting the 7.1 output to 5.1.

7.1 output via 4mm banana plug/binding post connections.
Speaker B stereo output via spring-clip connections
Tuner: FM (with RDS & RadioText) and AM with 40 presets
DAC/Digital bits: Linear PCM 192kHz/24Bit DACs on all channels; 32 bit DSP processing
Supplied accessories: Remote control (preprogrammed to control other AV components) with batteries, indoor FM & AM antennas, set-up microphone
W x H x D (mm): 435 x 150 x 377
Weight (kg): 10.2
Finish: Black or silver
Extra: Sleep mode, display brightness controls.

HDMI & component video switching supports HDTV

Thanks everyone for any advise

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Stephen, in order for you to hear the new "lossless" audio formats, you need HDMI version 1.3 in both the player and the receiver. The PS3 is 1.3 of course, but for now there are few HDMI 1.3 receivers.

Available soon (July?) Onkyo's TX-SR 605 is fully HDMI 1.3 capable and will decode and process both Dolby True HD and DTS HDMaster Audio. I think it would be unwise to buy any new receiver that isn't HDMI 1.3. In a few short months there'll be more 1.3 receivers from other brands.

http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3media&mess age.id=48399

BTW, I don't think the PS3 supports DTS HDMaster Audio. It does support Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD.

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your right John it does not support DTS HDMaster Audio. but it is suppose to be coming in an update. and now with the upconverting it is a pretty good BD-dvd player

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Josh, are you saying that the PS3 will now upconvert normal DVDs? Has that changed since the PS3 release?

I question whether either of the "lossless" audio formats will ever be seen on any but a handful of discs of either blue laser formats. In the first place, neither Blu-ray nor HD DVD players are required to support these lossless audio bitstreams and only time will tell whether any but the most expensive players will go beyond the intermediate Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD formats. How many Blu-ray discs have you seen with any higher choice than DD+?

I also question whether DTS-HD Master Audio will ever see the light of day. Dolby TrueHD promises to deliver perfect bit-for-bit accuracy to the source. And if that is the case, how can DTS-HD Master Audio top that?

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yes John on the last update in the beginning of this month they had an update that upconverts regular dvd's to 1080P. i have a 1080i plasma and it comes in at 1080i not 720p. i think it looks really good i dont mind watching DVDs anymore. The only blu-ray movie i have found that is DTS-HD Master audio is Four Brothers, so i certainly agree with you there, i am completly satisfied with the higher bitrates of DD and DTS on Blu-ray over DVD, but i guess there is always room for improvment. we will have to wait an see
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