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Viewsat Ultra - Component output issuesBill Vickers3
New vsplat fixNalin Nyda8
VS Xtreme BINNalin Nyda10
No signal on 61.5Leo3
Question for king taperman...........King Tapeman3
LK ... Come on LK ... Come Backlakh46
Can't scan or find HD channels on DISHRick Lance6
Sonicview release siteSam7
Eagle starsada7
Scramble ch. every 5 minsdope styzo4
No signal on 61.5sada7
Cw600 help pleaseCB17
What are your first web sitessada10
Is BEV up or down on Ariza700 bin309 ??Blue5
Truck driver and willing to get free tv helpelectropunk8
What are your first web sitesAfrican2
Pansat 3500 problemAfrican9
CW600p 1.64 not working for me.....helpAfrican12
Pansat experts needed. Stuck in menu?Nalin Nyda8
DN and BEV ECMs are different todayNalin Nyda19
Nalinbhai NydaAfrican10
Whats up with thetotalfta site???Nalin Nyda5
Need help on pansat 2700African16
Is BEV working for ViewSats? Nalin Nyda2
Getting HD channels on DishNot Today4
Pansat 2500 clone question...Peter Canada8
FortecRemote doesn't work for Jvvh_FortecRemote_23x, why?Peter Canada1
Viewsat ultra wont start upBLIERSO6
Pansat 2500 clone question...G-MANrus3
Pansat 2700A wont accept new binNalin Nyda21
Help finding a channel ListNalin Nyda2
This site has lost its edgeTina Chick12
Pansat 2500a question/confusionJonas Grumby6
Cs4000 160 problemsNalin Nyda3
Koolsat 5000African10
What BIN pansat 2700 E HELPNalin Nyda6
FLU no signal 119 sideNalin Nyda4
BIN 234 PANSATSNalin Nyda25
Viewstat Extremeramiro gonzo4
Missing CNN & Freezing issues with VS PVR 7K with 080103A bin.Mad Flea5
Could anyone identify the LNB types in this photo?Mad Flea58
Tryin to be a wise guySemore Butts2
Bin File for Viewsat Platinumhughlarryazz7
TV-Laptop S-Video ConnectionZO_DEE2
Receiver Helpbruce l2
Question regarding Captive Works 700Sbruce l17
Ayuda Poorfavor....Chino3
FTA ecm !!! NEW-BINsoleg3
TotalFTA with New LookRazzor10
DN DOWN?psychmonster7
New bin out for cw 600p 01-11-08 greg10
Viewsat Ultra Freezing?sada5
Recent DN Changessada9
Disqec switch problemnike usa8
CW600 does not have 118.7 in the transponder??? HELP PLEASEadamof9918
Freeze the autorollyour real mama4
Bill Mayer back on HBOzulu4
Lost even channelspsychmonster5
Pansat 3000 need to fixdj19
Now bev is up with DBPSW-080108X-1razor3
What boxes aren't freezing???sada3
Viewsat extreme freezingramiro gonzo21
Sun tv transponderKing Tapeman11
On which freq is. tp 27 for 118.7King Tapeman3
Cnx duo usersAbby4
Adapter for cable for flu receiverTooter2
CS 5000 - use 160 or 158?juan Cavazos8
Munnabhai chale americaXtra West2
Which bin is good for converted pansat?moddy6
I have a megasat yt6688Tooter2
Factory files question for cw600?bruce l3
Is ATN down on BEVBill Vickers10
On which freq is. tp 27 for 118.7African2
Is dish down on many receivers?satgrl1
Pansat 2500 clone => 2700 TP settings changingLaura Dawson18
Fhelp with fortect lifetime ultraAyc Palace3
Lost signal on CS5000African6
C00lsat 700 just diedAfrican5
My receiver has no powerRESCATE2
Cw600s new bin 161 just out at bruce l4
Looking for a drivers Seem11
How to Extend an RS232 Cablehtiek21
Get your pansat 2700a up again hereTooter11
King-fido-Tapeman ecoustics own tinfoil hat anarchisttRazzor12
Pansat 3500...PPV channelsKing Tapeman3
Best TV for FTAPaul6
Jtag to load new bin???Tamara15
What's up with Bevjuan Cavazos5
Csat 5000 norw 160African3
Expect Bev to go down soonpsychmonster4
Pansat 3500 working with old bin....psychmonster6
VS HD9000 HELPsada2
Hey ... Pulp FictionNalin Bin Nadia2
Is Bev down?Upmanis26
CW600PDean Winchester7
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