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Pansat 2700A / x-87bl_070411_b75_203_api.bin ??luis garcia4
NEW KEYSdirk deagle1
New bins for the captive works 600s 600pNalin Nyda36
Buzz s2010f new fix????rac1
HBO channels missinghorace cartwright15
Pansat 3500SD display s b-70Jason Borne6
Viewsat ultra problempaul rowden1
Captive Works 600s Premium Clone?bruce l49
I really need help with pansat 2700 A like really i will be so than...LK16
2 please helpneed loader 2Mc Sunny4
New ecm/viewsat ultraTHUNDER4
New viewsat binsSatScanner6
New Keys & fta supportFaroque1
Viewsat Extreme AR problem - Please Help !!Dave7
Is this ecm or key changeJulie White4
Original Pansat 2700A got killed by clone bin fileAndrea Andrus3
Entering keys with the remoteTHUNDER13
Viewsat HD8000..first real lookMc Sunny1
How can I get these channels?Jason Borne3
Please I need new keys for pansat 2007ATHUNDER2
Viewsat Extreme AR fixDave1
Need help on entering keys by remotemarcel7
LK & NalinLK3
Status Board, What is working, what isn't?Jake Snodgrass1
Need guidence or example on setup for IA5 and AMC4 on 1 dishJohn Laski1
Nimiqmalcom chand4
Issues with BEV.....malcom chand8
HEY BL! On the next b75 bin,make sure we can turn autoroll OFF!MrPig6
Vision Plus DTVDbledragon4
Work key tested on pansat 2500A and viewsat extremeLK2
Viewsat AR working perfectly........hanibal532
Magnum Users Watch TVzulu1
Current keys with no waiting...... DN updateJake Snodgrass1
Waiting for picture?New To FTA1
New ECM or autoroll probelm?Jib1
110w & 119w down DN changing it up.Jake Snodgrass1
Pansat 2700 autoroll not working w/ newest bin b-75SatScanner11
Stupid questionRTAP3
Dish DVR and Parental LocksJohn Davidson1
Dish Network High Speed InternetNalin Nyda13
Need hlep viewsat ultra..Nalin Nyda8
How to start recieving 61.5 on CaptivsWork600p?mike baydoon9
Need advice/help new common prob with a twist plz readNalin Nyda10
Dp 301 13 to pansat 2500tony montana7
Pointing Elipitical DishesLK15
I am screwed - remote does not workgrub9
A social studies teacherUNKNOWN13
Ariza 700 Down with DN asp lover3
Converting Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra to Pansat 2500 cloneJulie3
Latest CS 8000HD bins?tin fish6
HDMI PlugChas1
Check Out The New FreedomFTA.NetRoxanne Banks4
FREE Anti virus and Anti spyware programs hereAngie20
Heres one for the boys,enjoy!edenman3
I really need help with pansat 2700 A like really i will be so than...CyberMaster2
Pansat 2700 echo 8Nikk Mty4
What bin for Ppansat 2700ANikk Mty2
((!!)) No Audio?? Dish NetworkNikk Mty3
Fortec star life time ultraKen12
Converting Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra to Pansat 2500 cloneRTAP2
Help with VS Plat liteTazReaper6
NEW KeysFaroque1
Directv HD Fawk DN SDKavin Reno4
NEW FTA KEYS & FILESHawaiian_time2
V polarity channel issueimnyc4
DIRECT TV and Pansat 3500SDsubb som7
Hockey Post SeasonKing Tapeman2
118/119KKing Tapeman2
All channels freezing?King Tapeman9
Need Loader for EagleStar plzLK3
Need a Joost activation emailb_balkyrie7
FTA Loader 2 problemdiljala2
Roy Toddjustice1
Pnst2700bootDavid Hunter3
Viewsat Keys Working?edenman1
Help please plus anyone fron new york has the same problemgrub5
What's going on with Xtreme?Hus4
Pansat acting upJason Borne5
Pansat 2500A clone bin filesSatScanner2
How to hook up 110 and 119sloppy3
Lost Channelsmike waters10
BEV not Working, LiveFTA.com4
Viewsat Xtreme autoroll not working on 070403X bin?Hus1
New bin file.... viewsatDan T.10
UFC on BevJason Borne1
UFC ... service unknownmaximus1
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