New bin file.... viewsat


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ok i have a viewsat extreme and i think i have an old bin file in it cuz every time i change the channel i have to get up and turn it off and on on the back of the unit. could some1 plez send me in the direction of the most recent bin file? thanx in advance

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thank ya sir

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Best site for viewsats is total-fta.

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yea great site for viewsat


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I just bought viewsat ultra- but I don;t know which file is good for vewsat ultra...whch boot??? please help

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linda...U have been asking these same exact type newbie redundant questions for over 1 1/2 years and I see u at dsstester and another site too...give it up, if U don't know where to go and how to do anything by now...SUBSCRIBE!

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ok, i have same prob as Justin Ogle, from what i read the prob can b fixed by geting the latest bin, but some other ppl have been saying to use the factory bin or something, just wanted 2 know if i should use the latest bin or try a factory reset... the latest bin file that i found is

070403x... is this the correct 1 that i should b using to fix mu prob ?

( sorry for the noobiness of the question, i use 2 depend on a friend to fix my reciver probs, now he moved to an other continent, leaving me to fend for my noobish self ;)... im learning!

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ignore my last post... ifeel so noobish right now, all fixed... i should of just tried the new bin, but since the problem hapened today at 7 pm eastern n that the bein files is dated for the 3rd, i tought it might of been something else... my bad

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Username: Liquidqc

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Bah, i tought it was fixed, but it started hapening again... does the bin file 070403x fix the problem for every 1 ? i still loose the signal ( sometimes even when not changing channel but just reciving guide)maybe i should use factory default and then istall that file ?
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