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SONY HD200 HDTV ReceiverDave Severini1
Onyko 600 Speaker A bank turns offAnonymous1
DVI only for DIRECTV???Derek2
Verticle white line/haze on HD programs from Direct TVBJD1
Sound but no picture...Anonymous4
HDTV receiver and Tivo with receiver confusionDerek5
Help with DirecTV and Philipstran lee6
Mits 48613 & DirecTVS Farley1
Programming guidedeborah jorgens1
Digital Recording from SatelliteDerek7
I get a message saying ATMEL (insert oblique square) not detected...Anonymous1
Canadian looking for american testing partnersbluez2
Upgrading DirecttvDerek4
Can anyone help with this?Pete1
DVD & SAT in a small barchad1
Newbie with a couple questionshondo1
Newbie here with a receiver question.Dave Smiley Face6
Card not compatible? Anonymous6
Need Help Re-wiring Toshiba TRX 1420Charles H. Barnett1
Insert valid card readingAnonymous1
Simple satellite questionDerek2
Dish Network-Locals-Picture Quality?A. Billmann3
2 tvs to 1 redcievermk mcgill3
Direct TV and taping programsmicki owens1
HDTV where can I get the most channels?ejk7
Hughes gaeboAnonymous1
Setting up Dish to provide Dolby Digital OutputBrian Mitchell2
Cant get color from PHILIPS DIRECTV! HELP!wongisdavid15
Cloned card ?Joe Schmo1
Writing Eeprom Failed?Anonymous3
Hu cards valid cards 4 sale..sandro1
Dish 811 to Marantz to SonyAnonymous1
X-treme Pro Programerjhkfdghgghhjhashjhgh4
Line of sightblah blah3
Is there a HDTV receiver with DVI that can use the HU card?John H2
Whats the best card programmer to buy?jack palasy2
Artifacts and MPEG2Michael6
Directv or dish network outside us.Anonimo2
The compression looks terrible!!!!Joedabrkr3
Sattelite Help Tv I s down email me simply the king2
Save $ w/directv hd packagekipp1
ATMEL codeBluez5
Anyone have H-Card Info?Anonymous2
New Dish Network HD Boxes?john simonetti5
HU-programmingjohn olscamp1
Locals on Sony Reciever, same card not on RCALarry Williams1
Can you get HD with HU?Terry Leggatt1
The p4 access cardAnonymous1
Avenger SEAnonymous1
Dishnet HD receivers, picture quality in SD mode atfisch1
Invalid Access Card Problem Of A Different Kind.Bluez3
DishNetwork DVR 921Anonymous1
Signal ConverterSergio Murillo1
Local HD ChannelsAnonymous2
DTIVO and HU cards?Anonymous1
Best HD DirecTV Receiverjill2
What do I need to start reprograming HU cards?glen jones12
A place for free filesyonelba olivo3
Directivo with HU cardsfffffff1
Insert card into loadersandro6
WinExplorer script error when programming bootstrapp_dharun_rao5
Recomendations for a receiver?dave billez1
Help! Lost local channels when returned to original cardter t.2
Not reconizing huter t.2
Having trouble with 110 satelliteTerry Leggatt1
Second TV no longer works on satelite feed.Mike1
Are there HD IRDs that work w/hu cardsdave billez1
How much longer before P4's are good to go?dave billez1
Billing issues with Dish Network Anonymous1
HD Receiver conversion questionAnonymous1
Be aware! Dave owned sites.Got from other site.virginatthis2
Having trouble getting card to clean, helpBluez4
Hughes Directv HIRD E-1 Satellite Receiver lock codeBluez2
Voom just installed...questionEric K2
Hu programmer . for sale 99.99 shipped email me sandro1
HU going the way of the Dodo Bird ?Anonymous2
Cant get card to workTony Diangelo4
No channelsTony Diangelo2
Can anyone take the time and help meTony Diangelo5
745 Tony Diangelo2
Fixing access cardTony Diangelo2
Anyone local? programmer?Tony Diangelo4
Free Channels For DirecTvTony Diangelo3
Yeah , but can you answer this...Tony Diangelo3
Programing Hu cards Instructionssandro3
Need info on dss..bin Tony Diangelo2
Local HDTVchris jones1
Card loaderssandro4
Help... Im only getting about 4 channels with good 3msandro3
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