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Kac 9103d amp problemLupe Stewart1
InstallationJ D3
Smokin' Amp !!B00M3R18
Which Amp for my BTL 15?s. Recently got a Fi BTL 15, full yMatt Kitzis9
JL 500/1 FSMatt Kitzis5
Help choosing an amp.Shaun Moore9
PPI ProMOS 425 1/2 ohm stable?Fishy1
Kenwood KAC-X301T !!!SomeDonnieDude2
Mtx tc6001 blows rf p3 without playinng musicsean7
Bass knobjuliob9
Need amp for two 12" FI ssd'sB00M3R41
Amp for 2 l7ctmike9
Crunch GP2500D amp with Premier TS-W3001D2 ?J D10
Need Help Picking AmpJ D14
Does the gain knob actually gain anything ?Chris Maskell5
Kac 9103d amp problemLupe Stewart1
Wiring two amps to one subDaniel Bonham4
Need 1200-1500watts @2 ohmsCadillacjah7
Amplifier setup please help!M4
Best amp to push a jl 12 w7in a sealed boxKevin Holden6
What is HoustonAcoustic U.S.A?alion white1
Bench testing and birth sheetsFishy2
What's wrong with my headunit?Luke7
Can a memphis 16-mcd1000 push 12w7?ctmike10
Fet replacements parts.Marc9
Need some help?Kevin Holden5
Looking for an ampjuliob5
HiGhS hElPLucas R5
Amp installationmitch richardson4
Speaker amp compatibility issueBTNH2
2 different amp terminal questionJr.2
Grounding issues.....Isaac3
Sorry to ask the same ? for the hundreth time but...Walye Jahedi5
Lookin for an ampDonato5
2 12 alpine type rsjustin gholson34
Which ones better?Joey DeSalvo7
Amp / Alternator questionsKevin Holden4
How big?Optidriven9
Kenwood KAC-9104D good?adfasn21
JL 500/1 Amplifier for 2-12" Type Rsomair haneef12
How do amps blow adfasn5
Smoking amp on remote hookupAndy B4
Amp problemsSilver Mopar3
Suggestions.. m.s etcYanks Fan23
2004 grand am with monsoon system i need help with a line converterPolo5
AmpsTim Yauch6
Best budget 4 ch for mids and highsalex2
Boss Amp Wiring HelpKeith G3
Amplifier fuse keeps blowing ??Lucas R5
Blown Rockford Fosgate T10001bd amp?Kevin Holden4
PPI a600.2 up for sale !MO1
Need help connecting a power acoustic 2F capNeith Anderson1
Need amp for two 12" TMA T12S4Pspads810
2 10 inch sony subs 1200 watts.. what ampOptidriven61
PRoperly setting Gain, Sub Out Level, and crossover level and settingsLuke2
CUSPID 1600w 4 channel install helpKeith Gauger8
Eclipse Amp and JL Sub Helpchris willie6
Eclipse DA7122 amplifier- adjustmentskevin putinski2
Bass boost?Ivan4
Powering a 3000watt sub at 1ohm, help plz!P Lagoo13
RD audio 1750.1Jake Hill8
New to E...Mark Brockman28
Powr accoustikMark Brockman17 Scott2
Rockford fosgate t4000.1bdjohn quist3
2 amps in a seriesLucas R7
How do you bridge two amps together to each power one subFrederick Konruff7
Ok kenwood ampMarc6
Kicker Alpine Rockford fosgateSomeDonnieDude9
Hey guys need some help here.Joey DeSalvo7
Orion? Soundstream? Kicker?Joey DeSalvo4
Which amp?????Joey DeSalvo6
Any Ideas on These Choices?Joey DeSalvo4
CV Stroker Setup-upbryan walsh8
PhaseRyan Witczak1
AQ1200D problems with clipping/gain set.Joe S13
Bridging a Power Precision pcx480 ampSnow2
Orion HCCA-D5000Abarca5
Need a 2 ohm mini amp for motorcycle???B00M3R2
Do u need a good amp for low price?blakbocs, inc1
Need help getting an amp for 2 12" l7s?Joey DeSalvo14
How Hard will 2 JL W7's hit ?Lucas R22
Good Place for amp repairRob Kowalski1
Amp Helpjustin loew11
...would anyone recommend...Lucas R1
OT: MB Quart Replacement?Jake Hill2
Have problem need helpray clewis9
Which amplifier?!?Lucas R14
Someone Help Please *APPRECIATED*paul nelson1
Help findinggCory/cd5honda962
Frazs' thread: system to beat a pair of type rs'justin loew35
Powering a 15" brahmaKevin Holden12
Overpowering w3's or not with this ampMarcus Thompson3
4 12's or 1 15?Lucas Richardson4
Possibly dumb question concerning Arc ampsKevin Holden4
Which amp?bN16
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