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Please Help...Need Amp for my Subs!juliob15
Clippping amp?glove3
Amp settingsCameron1
Hifonics BXi 606SomeDonnieDude9
Another NINe.1?Paul5
ED Nine.1Paul4
DD AMP WantedRob3
Front stage clue...??? Please HelpMarc11
HELP ME!!!NEED A SUB AND AMP!!!SomeDonnieDude15
Amp question.Joseph Young6
0 gauge wiring.Paul Larrea15
Problem with ampsJamey3
Which amp is betterDavid10
about how much real power will the brutus 2006 2000 put out D.J. Tucker13
Need New Amp for My 2 Alpine 10"ctmike5
Which Would Be Better...Joe Spose11
I need help bad on what amp to go with!!!phil10
Basic 4 channel Amp for new carRob7
Are fusion any good?Rob2
2000RMS 1ohm or 4 ohms. Kevin Holden7
Will this amp power my two kicker subs?Kevin Holden2
I Need --HUGE AMP-- to Power My T.I Pro!!!!Kevin Holden3
1000 wrms amp for $350?Kevin Holden11
Mazda speed6 with bose systemJamey2
Amp to power a Alpine Type-R SWR-1240DStew McGregor7
What materials do i needjesse9
My system??SomeDonnieDude6
Will this amp power my two kicker subs?Jamey4
Us amps 600xJamey10
1000/1 vs. 1000/1v2JK3
What you thankJK2
A3000DB - 2 Eclipse SW8200chris stiles3
What amp for 2 L5 15josh spivey6
Suggestions on Amp for my two 15'sjosh spivey3
HIFONICS BXI1606D SomeDonnieDude9
TMA vs ALPINEjuliob11
Power AmpsMarcus Thompson2
What am i looking for in a amp??TWiZTiD2
What the hell is Dynamic Music Wattschris stiles3
Rca preout question chris stiles5
How do i match RMS of Subs and Amp?Jarred Tinordi4
Anybody who knos about amps PLEASE helpJarred Tinordi2
Rockford Amps any good?Philllip Watkins4
99 Cutlass Line Output Converter Help NeededHelp Needed1
Bass cuts in and outMoZ16
Need and amp!!MoZ2
Come on guys i need some helpSomeDonnieDude18
Wiring OpinionsAdam Hobgood2
Refurbished amps??tsouthern7
I need some help !!SomeDonnieDude2
Bxi1606DChauncey Brown13
Anybody know this onechris stiles2
Need and amp!!tsouthern1
Instead of setting gain should it match the volt?Optidriven6
DD 9518Rob3
DD 1510 & sx1250.1Night Mirage1
Please help me with choosing the right ampSomeDonnieDude8
Need 1 ohm stable 1000rms ampChauncey Brown2
Us ampschris stiles3
Us ampschris stiles12
Quantum ampsPhilllip Watkins15
Is it worth repairing or should I replace?glove1
2 kicker comp cvr12 12" dvc 4 ohms... need amp.:-)...josh Q25
What happened to the subwoofer and speakers threads?ochris suho5
Mcintosh Amps and Focal components and subsAlex Sagues1
Need amp.D.1
What does a phase shifter do???sean12
Memphis mojo.D.1
Alpine Amp with Kicker SubYanks Fan7
Yo Chauncecal payne1
Need sum sugestions for a amp.. i have 2 10' cvx kickers dual 2Moey4
What frequency for 6x9 and for subwoofers?Moey3
Designing a system and I need input!ctmike6
Whats the best amp out there juliob16
Need amp for 15" DAjuliob4
Need help.....which pioneer amp will do the jobjuliob4
Soundstream juliob11
Sundown SAE-1000Ddenim3
What kind of amp????Mike Loudon5
Help with wires and questions.bhavin6
Confused about my amp resultsscott s5
Need some help pleasemike macdonald4
Need help with power problems with ampRob4
Need help with kicker kx 1200.1!!!!Rob2
Ok i kno people dont like kicker here but please helpRob15
Rockford Punch 300-1 SetupSomeDonnieDude3
Rd v.s sundownjustin loew5
How do u hook up a capaciterCrossfired4
Fusion amps /\/\ike8
Selling Crossfire XP7202 amp (lower price)Jon Hill1
Not sure what amp to get for 2 10 inch pheonix gold dual voice coil...juliob2
Monoblock ampsjuliob9
What's the worst thing had happened to your car or caraudio?Daniel6
Need an amp for an SWX-1242DJimmy Williams10
Suggest me a good portable digital osciloscopeStan Wojtalewicz4
Which amplucas beckner8
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