Instead of setting gain should it match the volt?


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Instead of configuring the gain by playing the song very loud without distortion, shouldn't it just match the same volt between the HeadUnit and the Amplifier?
Say your HeadUnit output is 4volts, your amplifier must match that 4volts and that's it?

Or YOU STILL MUST play a loud music and increase or reduce the gain level?

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its called an amplifier for a reason. if you were to set it to four volts i don't think your sub(s) would get very loud. it amplifies the signal given by the head unit.

this might help you more.

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^^^^^ Use that link, the only way to correctly set the gain.

And check out the interactive tutorial from JL its very helpful. Just remember to turn off EQ, loudness, and all other functions on the HU or the voltage reading will be wildly wrong.

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Actually the amp IS suppose to match the voltage from the HU. So you should set the amp to 4 volts...

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Use the link Jesse provided

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the problem with just setting the gain to the voltage specified by the HU is that the HU's actual rms voltage is nowhere near it's specified output.<br>
The sinewave gain setting method is a very good reference setting, but if you listen to music and not sinewaves it shouldn't be a problem to increase the gain a good 10-20% from the reference point.

IMO - use a DMM initially, your ears to fine tune.
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