Hifonics BXi 606


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Im considering ordering a Hifonics BXi 606. What are some of your alls opinions and thoughts about this amp/company.
RMS @ 4-Ohm: 1 x 150-Watt
RMS @ 2-Ohm: 1 x 300-Watt
RMS @ 1-Ohm: 1 x 600-Watt
Hifonics New Illuminated Heat-Sink Design With Blue LED Light Pumps
Hifonics Blue Illuminated Logo
Maxxsonics Illuminated "M" End Panel Logo
Heavy-Duty Ultra-Fi MOSFETS
Highly Efficient Super D-Class Amplifier Circuitry With Oversized MOSFET Output
Fully Adjustable Accu-Cross Crossovers
18dB Variable Bass Equalization @ 45Hz
180 Variable Phase Control (15 to 35Hz)
Dash-Mountable Bass Remote Control Included
Variable 24dB Subsonic Filter
Brutus Pulse Wave Modulated MOSFET EXVP (Exponential Vari-Power Supply)
Twin-Turbo Torroid Coil Design
HSMD Hifonics Surface Mount Design
Balance Line Inputs for our 18-Volt Line Drivers
RCA Line Output for Amplifier Daisy Chaining
Gold Oversized 2-Gauge Power Connectors
Power From The Gods Included

I will be hooking it up to two (2) Alpine Type S, DVC 2 Ohms each. Just now realized that I couldnt safely hook ut up at 1 Ohm, or could I?

Please help. Thanks

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There's a search feature on this forum and if you do a search on that amp you'll get more info than you need...but while you're here, hifonics amps are in the "budget" category and put out roughly 70-75% of rated output. Some people will tell you they swear by them and others wouldn't waste their money...ultimately its your money...spend wisely!

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save and get better (but then again you do have type s'). and the lowest you can wire your pair of dvc subs is 2ohm, so that amp wouldn't work anyways.

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well im not looking for something big and expensive, persay. Im not wanting to have to have multiple batteries, or change my alt or anything. I just my stock electrical stuff, my type s and a good amp for them. they hit hard when i had that alpine mrd-m605 on them, and i dont need extreme bass. I like what I have. And about half way through with the above message i realized i couldnt wire it up good, so I will more than likely go with kicker zx750.1...how about that?

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(2) 2ohmDVC subs will either be:

.5 ohm ( + & + ; - & - )
2 ohm ( VC1 + - <--> + - VC2 )
* With the other Pos. & Neg. ran together to the amp *

So no... You won't be able to establish a 1-ohm load.

* WELL * - You could always just hook up 1 Voice Coil on each sub. That'll be 2ohm & 2ohm - Which would give you 1ohm. And 2 fried Type Ss w/ a fried Brutus 600 to go!

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better get a JBL gto 601.1

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go to hifisoundconnection.com and get a refubied kicker zx400.1 for $130 bucks. it will put out about 450wrms which will push the typeS alrite and will fit your budget. kicker amps are quality. btw - do you have the 10s or 12s?

edit--you want the zx750.1 then i guess you have 2 12s cuz the amp would blow 2 10s. a 750.1 will run you 200 refurbished - same store - but if you go with that amp i would try to find a new one rather than refurbished. spend more = more insurance at good product

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The new JBL are ALL 2ohm amps. I have the JBL GTO1201.1 If possible, go on Ebay and search for the Best JBL line the ever made... JBL BP. I had the JBL BP1200.1 ; It is a MONSTER. The BP600.1 Well put out close to 950rms.

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I just bought a refurbished zx750.1 from sonicelectronix ebay store. It was $198 shipped w/90 day warranty. The amp was almost MINT. The birth sheet said it was 886 wrms. Very good amp for the price IMO.
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