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New subs Tim5
OT-Who sings the World Series of Poker ThemeChauncey Brown8
One More Time![Kéviñ_Previé]9
Just noticed thatWolfman25
Help PleaseLA13
I know u guys dont like this but.........Logan2
Why did my capasitor seem to decrease my output?Sean Gibson13
Where's the cheapest place to get L7 fixed?Sean Gibson6
Ot>something we all needMark Highland4
For those who have ordred anything from FI, a quick ?TJBaSsMeKaNiK3
116 db H3ll yeaMatt Kitzis11
Brand new Solo X for less than 100$David26
Help the childrenNeo4201
Wiring configurations: mixing different ohm subs safelySean Gibson9
Little disappointedJustin Ogle8
DD2512a ported box HELPTrevor Eaton5
Ohh hellWolfman6
Thinking about a ZX750.1 on 12" Comp VXmat dope2
For Sale: power wire, monster cable 2 gaugeklez7
Help!Isaac W.18
Going into to protect???02GPpIMPIN5
Thinking about a ZX750.1 on 12" Comp VXctmike2
Re Sx 18...joe blanford7
Louder then Kicker L7Trevor Eaton4
OT: Borat movieJosh Sousa17
OT - my new A/D/S x-overs (pics)mat dope1
DD2512a ported box HELPTrevor1
Bad news...Yanks Fan50
Ohhh loganRob6
Best RCAs ???......-Eric-13
Ordered Q Yesterday and Half Way Through Box!!!!!Andrizzle31
Elemental designsmat dope8
37x20x21 is 7.4 cubes right?marshall white3
How is the HD318 compared to the 18 btl or the 18havoc or 18sxChad Lee4
Which sub for this boxsqlcrazy3
Spl meterChad Lee7
Sub box building program...Phil Salsibury4
Emergency: where are fi videos of scareing people?Maris16
Cheap as hell???James Longo3
POLL: what subsMuddy14
DD PricesNight Mirage31
My plans...Logan3
For Sale Kicker compLogan23
Alpine type r vs. kicker l7Sean Gibson9
Amp kit questions(a couple)TJBaSsMeKaNiK1
Ohm Law...mixing and matching?Sean Gibson5
Stuff for SaleKenny15
Cheap system for saleMark Highland43
I GOT MY NEW SUB!!!!!justin ogle16
F/S Treo SSX 15"[Kéviñ_Previé]34
Box for a 15" BTLMr_Kebo5
18inch btl vs. 18inch Havoc ??SpLChoIce-12
Whats a bad Azz 15 inch sub for around 300-450dollars please help[Kéviñ_Previé]33
What does a 18" btl run for?Chad Lee2
18" Havocsmat dope18
How many cu ft.Trevor Eaton4
Quick wiring questionIsaac W.2
140'sWrEaK HaVoC3
Cheap as hell???/|/E/\/\E/|/3
TREO SSX 15"Renegadesrun3
SYSTEMYanks Fan4
Test-n-tune....Monroe, La 11/18/06/|/E/\/\E/|/9
How much power should i put in my subs?Pike1104
Install price?.D.22
Whats a signal processor?dan rollins1
WTF is wrong with my setups??Yanks Fan13
Hey alterMuddy3
Ot: RCAMaris9
Kicker db?Eddy DieZe6
Fixing a 15" RE XXXDaniel Wang1
Between the 2bernyMAC7
What could i get 2 hd3 15inch for?bernyMAC5
Whuch would be better overall?!?!?!?Trevor Meyers7
MD NapalmMuddy5
Bassman please help,...marshall white9
OT is it badgrant law23
I'm ........Yanks Fan7
How are these..Rockford Fosgate....Jake Hill3
Hurry Up!!!!!!J@Yme3
Need advicePM3
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