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6 x 8's?Trell1
Subs dont work but did beforeblaine westropp9
Choosing between these two set ups...?mat dope4
Im wiring my Alpine, Which way?Mike mArhefka1
This on 4 ohms as a daily for my SSX?James Longo2
*pics* 32" audioban / nikes?!?!?Kevin Wrubel8
Who wants a sealed enlosure for 2 12'sblaine westropp13
Could you run a zx750.1 @1ohm?????ty mutlow4
Taking out HUbassman37
What subs are comparable to the RE SE?Logan11
Pic posting help!Chad Lee2
For Sale - HiFonics ZXi4406Tremor11274
Remote bass knob for 2500dJordan Singleton4
RE , Fi , DD , AudioQueNight Mirage11
System install help 1995 honda accordmat dope2
OT- Ecstacyescalade3
Neon Light On Enclosure??justin ogle6
02GPpIMPIN {}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]1
Good Low Brand Amps?lilrob7
LilRob, or Any Ford Explorer drivers....Josh Sousa3
How does this look...?mat dope7
OMG..HUGE promblem!!!mat dope16
Btl 12Chad Lee7
Hey LOGAN...Logan18
What sub?ty mcleod9
Startings to not like.....Muddy4
I want a 1O inch sub.Muddy13
Box problemsbernyMAC2
Drivingreckless!!!!-help me!!Luis Collazo2
Kicker comp vr 12Stévén Nois6
Subwoofer NOiSe......lilrob10
Final decition check this out lilrob7
OT take a look...turbonator...???Muddy19
Which JL sub(s) for Zapco Reference 1100.1M amp? HELP!!James Longo20
Cutting on and off???Muddy6
OT-why would you give your 14 yr old son the keys to your new car?Muddy16
CALLING ALL Q's!!!!Muddy17
Some spl subsMuddy21
Infinty perfect 12?Chauncey Brown3
For those who wanted my box picturesblaine westropp6
Damn it i already forgot.......TJBaSsMeKaNiK5
4 subs in 2 sub box...Luke7
I dont need to know this, but i just thought of it...bassman37
Everything is inYanks Fan38
Sub not loud...Luke Nagelkirk2
OT: ChadChad Lee26
Low hzWolfman3
Can the fi q and aq hd3 take 1500 watts daily??Wolfman13
Wiring up my powerty mutlow3
I just got my old kicker comp in the mailLogan13
Battery TerminalsMr_Kebo5
Whats that smell..Chad Lee24
Memphis subs......ty mutlow12
2 RE SX 15" vs. FL Fi BTLmat dope20
DD3515 vs. Fi.BTL15 fully loadedEddy DieZe10
Competition standards{}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]21
Sweet deal at crutfield...blaine westropp3
1 12 inch Q or 2 10 inch QMuddy27
Best 10inch subWolfman9
I need an ampLogan2
OT: Oh sh!t!!Wolfman2
CVX TuningJesse D.4
How Come?????????Muddy6
01 Z71Mr_Kebo13
Q sizeMuddy4
Dd2215a or re sx 15 or idmax?Muddy3
To much for the xxx's?Tremor11273
OT: selling some stuff.......Muddy9
Good 600 watt subTerry640542
HiFonics TX series amps...Tremor11275
Sorry noob question???Muddy3
OT: Regular gas in premium engine?Muddy38
Comparison...blaine westropp4
OT-Makes me sadMuddy21
Box Specs For RE's ( 2 12" mx's)Muddy2
How Come?????????Muddy12
( Two 12" Kicker L5's) OR (Two RE Audio 12" MX Series)...Muddy10
13 W7Muddy7
Would 2 jl audio w6v2 hit hard?James Longo4
No Power... =( checked everythingTroy Stafford39
W2B - HiFonics BXi1606dChauncey Brown3
Electtrical systemMr_Kebo8
Nextel/Boost Users...Trell1
I Just Ordered It!Trell22
Pioneer IMPP subsRenegadesrun5
Eric Vargas Is A TOTAL RIPOFF!marc7
Damn You Logan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Logan12
W.t.b MB quart Raa-1000 killerzracing712
Displacement on type eJosh Eaton12
Complicated problem(WITH VIDEO) *UPDATED*pietro3
Ohms ?john kicker12
Will this work, or will it sound bad?James Longo3
Dd or kicker??Cavs10
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