OT-why would you give your 14 yr old son the keys to your new car?


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wow, yeah that was a wicked car to just crash like that...

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wow that makes my horrible day feel better

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all i got to say is wow

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hopefully he had Geico.....lol

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What an IDIOT!!

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it didnt look that bad..lol

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dude, those cars are simple amazing, that was a new shelby gt500. honestly one of the fastest cars i have ever driven/riddin in. ford jus started shipping them late august early september. they are only making 30000 of them over the next 3 years. 50 grand for that one was cheap too. thats what they sticker for, my dad sold his for 71000. for 550hp thats a badass stang.

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yeah they are nice, that might put a damper on your day just a little:-( I think my 6 year old could drive better. There is only one person to blame for that and thats the father for not teaching his son by the time he was 14 to drive stick!

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exactly. i could drive a stick by 12. i was driving to school by 14, had my own truck by 14. damn. i mean seriously who waits to there 16 anymore right??? lol

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OMG, that kid should find a very good hiding spot because his dad is going to come after him with an axe! Once it started flying forward, couldn't he be smart enough to find the BRAKE? What a stupid ass...

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dang in front of all his friends too, lol

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yup I was driving stick by the time I was 11. My dad used to make me do brush dump runs on our farm house in NH. I would load up the truck, and drive it up accross the field and dump it and drive it back all weekend long.

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i actually never drove a stick til i was 16. all our cars were automatic lol. automatic is definetly the way to be unless its a sports car like the one that kid crashed lol. for normal comfortable driving though. Id take an automatic everytime.

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his son will never be able to move out, b/c he won't be able to afford it, making payments on that Mustang that is...:-)
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