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i was just wonderin what how many DB's a 13W7 in a ported box tuned correctly and with all the necessary power would hit?? im thinkin about selling my current sub and gettin a 13W7,but i really want high DB numbers any advice would be appreciated

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i'd say with some experimenting and tuning it is possible to get in the low to mid 140s. alot is gonna depend on your ride.

what kinda car do you have?

btw there are so many subs that will get louder and sound better than the 13w7 at lower costs.

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are u trying to compete???

or just for daily driving??

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of coments about it, so i was thinkin about selling it to get something that maybe ppl can help me build a system around or adleast have less wattage because as it stands the CSP 15 requires 4k watts rms and that causes a lot of electrical problems/ upgrades....the sub has massive specs tho, quad 1 ohm coils....4k watts rms...2.25 foam surround...450 oz magnet...anybody got any feedback on the sub?, or what kind of system to build around the sub? if you wanna see the full specs go to conceptconcept.com and click on subs then CSP 15

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i havent got a lot of comments about it*^

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and yes i would like to compete because i have a 98 rover and its perfect vehicle to put a comp system in

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Try Google

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get a 15" Mag D2, cost less and will do more AND sound better than a W7
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