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////Alpine vs. Kickercol5
Wanted an amp for a C12Chauncey Brown7
Idiot here Troy Stafford2
2 13w6v2 or 2 12w6v2 sealed enclosure going for sq....Brandon3
Carbon Fiber CDT-8" subs help me out killerzracing7110
GlasswolfSteven Norris8
Audio school'sJexx4
What's up with Realm of Excursion?lilrob7
Good thing power acoustic doesnt suckTroy Stafford15
From 12's to 15's what should i go forjames shlong3
1st place U.S.A.C.I........marshall white24
Porting a 1.3 cuft box[...Rovin...]2
Car audio book?Abe8
Quick question--------•2
?? Need help finding cheap ported box for 12" ??J-Dub13
What is the loudest bass song out today. not test tones, but songs.alteraudiousa37
Infinity 1230w for sale!!!!!!EseEsai15
How To Port Your BoxMuddy Waters4
Ebay/ random questionAndrew15
SPL System.Chad Lee10
OT: Isaac W. need your helpJC6
***Ported or Sealed???NVmyBOOM9
Help with box!!!!!!!Terry64055
Amplifier question...please someone gimme some adviceChauncey Brown6
** 12" cvr or 15" cvr kickers with lanzar 4000W amp?NVmyboom6
Does this mean my Voice Coil is F-ed, or will the Sub still work???...ricky11
Which Box would be better suited for a 4 Door Sedan???????Muddy Waters5
OT: ipod vidsVC234
Round woofer box?Michael Cheatham15
WtfTroy Stafford17
Call me an idiot but.....Bob Koenig15
96 sunfire install helpTrevor Meyers6
Kicker2500Miles Hood15
10" sub that thumpJay Mogyoros18
Crystal SubsJ@Yme3
Alt install|\/|aTT |F5
System for sale...--------•5
Little rip on my RE SE sub, and question about airspace. logan gaudreau4
How much is it worthChauncey Brown2
Best ported box volumeJ-Dub2
Louder systemTyler Wayne Fletcher16
ClarificationTroy Stafford1
Little rip on my RE SE sub, and question about airspace. logan gaudreau1
InversionsTroy Stafford9
Im sorry guys....but got rid of l7 and finally made up my mind!!james caroll17
Electrical upgrades how much will i need Tyler16
2 12 AA Assasins vs. 2 12 MTX 5500Tyler4
Anyone Interested In A Comp Car For Sale???????killerzracing7113
Will these things get rated power.........overated ??[...Rovin...]6
I'm back...With good news...Tyler20
Pioneer SUBS :|[...Rovin...]4
Question about best 12" wooferMuddy Waters26
Treo tsx 10"[Kéviñ_Previé]5
15s sealed or 12s ported.Dustin26
Box TuningPoremski5
1 12" online buy??CarAudio16
Your opinionsCasey Wood7
American Bass SubsJ@Yme5
173.9 dB|\/|aTT |F9
Ported box help@!$$@J@Yme2
Need hepled wall2
Rate & rank these subs in two <separate> categories.......SQ & SPL...Matthew McCollom29
RE XXXMatthew Lee9
Diamond audio D9 or JL w3v2.......Jordan Singleton4
Zapco Reference 350.2 up for grabsBrandon14
Subwoofer placementTechnique7
New Trunk setupBrandon15
Box for Type RTony Goe4
Well I finally done it!! Seth Rupe11
Ported box questionTroy Stafford5
Whats better closed or vented box??????????Junior Carrera7
Ascendant aresenal 15mat dope4
alumapro alchemy RX 12jake papa4
New car new system...96 impala ssX21
Eclipse subwoofersJeff Loughrey2
Wow, that didnt totally ruin my day...Muddy Waters44
Anything New?Kevin4
OT: Is this guy serious?Mark Highland5
PVC portsJ-Dub2
New SubMr_Kebo4
Boston G5Chris1
1 12' w7 vs two kicker 12' l7_JW_11
OT- head unitsblaine westropp15
Port noiseChad Lee2
Box Buildingbrooks robinson10
Sub box[...Rovin...]2
LOLJohn Fiacchino2
Cvr ampJesse D20
Me want new sub....WrEaK HaVoC4
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