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Kicker ampOptidriven4
This wiring kit any good?Optidriven2
Alpine M350 power Alpine Type R's??????ty mutlow4
Help Me Badly with Alpine!!!!ty mutlow2
You can get a very deep bass in any amp, by rising the gainOptidriven17
Question about amp wiring?Ryan6
Jensen amplee h8
Finally found oneDustin Pettit4
Whats is remote on an amp and where do you hook it?Pimp8
How long has subs been out?redbone3
Need help/ advise on wiring, caps and alt.redbone7
How will this sound?Thomas White2
Which amp is better?Arturo Saucedo30
How to bridge 4 ohm sub and ampKojak283
Question about MB Quart RAA 1000 baseball11872
Another noob questionT.J.11
No more sonyT.J.9
Help with my 2 subsNivek4
Stupid AmpDerek Englehart8
Amp questionlee h1
Mb quartjuliob3
Hipass lowpass or full?????blaine westropp4
HELP, amp keeps cutting off!!!!!!!Moe6
Kenwood amps, how efficeint are they?D Bomb3
F/S soundstream rub300-2Adam Kieler1
Quick Help!!! Amp differencety mutlow2
Simple Bridging Questionty mutlow4
Wiring helpOptidriven3
MB Quart Ref. Good SQ Amps???Optidriven2
Two Alpine type-r's What Amps The Best For This SetupPimp14
Orion 2500D-Orion WCC 2500Thomas White3
Amplifier Help. QUICK QUESTION HELP!!!mrcrazydude2
Quick Help!!! Amp differenceTyler3
Hooking up two way?Tyler6
Alpine Type E Subty mutlow4
Class x vs. high current ampsOptidriven3
Good powering ampJweezy9
Just installed my orion and i got nothing. any ideas?joe ruskowski25
Best Hook Up SolutionMiguel Reyes1
Mmatts ampsAGG446
What would be the best choiceTyler10
Whats a good amp?joe mdf3
Rockford fpsgate (protect is on) HELPjoe mdf1
Rockford fpsgate (protect is on) HELPjoe mdf1
Right Amp for Subsbassman35
Matching upbassman33
Right Amp for SubsLaine Koenig1
Rockford fpsgate rfx7 cuts outPaul Swanston6
What kind of amp i needpauline delacruz1
What kind of amp i needpauline delacruz1
40 amp fuse for Orion225HCCAB4
AVIONIXX AMPSChauncey Brown9
Two separate amp/sub kit installation helpmike r, nc5
When YOU tune your amp jonathan or other experts...Trevor Eaton16
Home amplifier questionTerry64054
Massive audio P1500.1lawhozaher1
Amp hook upty mutlow4
1.5 capacitorPaul Swanston15
4 channel with high level inputs?Officer Manoa3
What is thisscuba steve3
What is damping factor??GlassWolf6
What to do with this SONY XPLOD AMP?Panamanian11
Best amps made by DEI????Thomas White8
Best amp for MTX 8500 15 inch?????Chauncey Brown2
Can I hook one amps outputs into another amps inputsjcin6
Need help with new ampLee Rodwell1
Is this for real??? Worlds largest ampJake Hill8
Help!!!amps wont turn onBies083
AMP help for Type R'sAlpine Lover25
I have just ordered one Type R 12 inch alpine sub...Thomas White6
Hey jonothan real quick questionJonathan5
Please tell me how to adjust my amplifier from clippingblaine westropp15
Where to put rcas?Delicious3
PPI amps????????? orionInvictuz4
True powerGlassWolf3
Amp under 200 bucks, kicker?mtx?poweracoustik?Thomas White7
Is this amp ne good??bassman32
Noob Questions about my amp set upJames28003
CADENCE Q3000 Amp - any good?Chauncey Brown5
Brahma ampAGG441
Hey jonothan real quick questionLiL Jon1
Powering my sub??timm4
Hows this amp?Optidriven7
What does it do??bassman32
Amp for KICKER wooferbassman33
Amp won't bridge.bassman36
What does it do??Punkbassist19891
How are Pricision Power amps?MO8
What amp should i get???Anonymous1
HEY I got an Orion Concept 97.3scuba steve3
Question on hooking up Saloc Controller to my ampDRG1
Engine noise over speakersHelp_22
Possible to test amp??? please help....Help_22
AudioBahn AW1205N or Alpine type-R Sorry Bout Posting in the amp se...joe ruskowski2
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