Rockford fpsgate rfx7 cuts out


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Hiya guys
i have just bought the above amp and it cuts out when i turn it up lowd and goes into protecy mode.

why do amps do this? is it to protect the sub or the amp from getting fried?

debating wether a capacitor would solve this, or how i could get the amp fixd.

what cap do i need for a 1500-2000 rms sub with a 1500rms amp although il be running it at about 600-1000rms? i have seen some but they are 1 farad or 1.2 not sure what i need.

Thanks for any tips Paul.

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if by "turning it up" you mean turning up the gain, it would be to protect the amp. a capacitor won't fix this problem. if you desire to be louder, add another sub (and amp of course), or get a more efficient amp or sub or both. you could also try a properly built ported enclosure. good luck!

and about caps: first and only rule, only get one if yer lights DON'T dim when yer subs hit, otherwise they have to potential to knock out yer alternator. and they are purchased based on amp peak power. say yer amps peak(max) output is 2000W - you'd want to buy a 2F(or higher) cap. basically, take the farad rating and multiply it by 1000, and match (or go higher than) what yer amp's peak output is, ya heard?

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another reason your amp goes into protect is because you have to low of ohm like you have it wired for 1ohm and its only 2ohm stable.

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hiya guys
thanks for advice, my battery is totaly dead and to the point where it can not rehcarge it self now! my amp is 2 ohm stable and im running it on 4 ohms with a 4 ohm speaker both amp and sub are more then lowd enuff but i can only turn them up a little before amp cuts out.
Im hoping my battery is te cause of this and the heavy duty battery im running now will sort it out.
my lights didnt go dim as i didnt get a chance to run enuff power to do that but it kills batterys if thats all the same lol.

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will tell you right now. the reason your amp is shutting off is cause either your gain is up way to high or you wired it wrong. now type RF amps are 1 ohm stable. so the ohms has nothing to do with it. check all the polarities on your subs and amp. another reason is cause your amp isn't recieving enough power to push that sub and it clips and goes into protect mode. I think you should try out a 1 Farad ROCKFORD power capacitor. If the problem occurs go here.

they will ask you what is wrong and you tell them and they fix your problem. But honestly i think you are pushing way too much power and NOT have a cap .

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my amp is receiving 13.8volts where i listen to it, im ordering a 1.5 cap in a min i have found out my amp only cuts on music where bass line is on off on off all time like hardcore or some hip hop songs.

it can run bass tester cds fine and amp is nice and powerfull, my amp is only 2 ohm stable and is being ran at 4 ohms on one 4 ohm sub and in the rockford fosgate book that came with amp it says there amps can be ran at full gain not that i am im running it 3 quarters of way with bass turnd all way down on head unit and i run head unit on 33-35 out of 45.

will try cap and take it from there chears.
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