No more sony


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they have done away with car audio from their company, no new product>>>

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It's about time. I hope Sony will just disappear.

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Now Isaac...Don't say that. I've known of at least TWO pretty decent Sony products.

The Playstation line, and my Sony SS-MB350H 3-Way Bookshelf speakers. For $80 a pair shipped, they have frequency responses rivaling those of better brands with larger woofers (Sony's have 8" woofers). They take quite a bit of abuse as they are 50W RMS, and I've measure with my Realistic power meter, and I've gone to nearly 65W RMS for pretty long periods of time, no distortion and no burnt voice coils. But yea, they should stick with home audio/gaming if anything.

Very flat response overall from the speakers, so all in all, Sony DOES come out with some decent products now and then, just not often enough to make a HUGE note about them.

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where's the link to that story ?...

oh yea their playstation , home stereos , tvs & digital cameras i can def vouch for ..........

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It came from a gm and owner from a chain audio store.

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now people just have to get pyramid, pyle, ect to do that lol.

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I'd just like to say, randomly, that my 30GB Ipod Video is great, I have like 5 Realm Of Excursion videos on it lol, what a nerd I am I guess hehe...

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Yea, I'd like to put another prop in for Sony, the speakers I spoke of earlier to be exact.

I've used bass tests, sinosotal waves, songs like Throw It Up/Blueberry Yum Yum/Get Back/Late Night Tip/Comfortable Liar, and with just 2 pairs of those speakers with 8" woofers the bass response is so amazingly powerful for such a small package, especially being a sealed system.

Not only poewrful, but it's not the typical Sony "boom boom" sound. The bass reproduction is natural sounding, and deep. a 25Hz Sinosotal wave tone I used once, actually made the glass in the windows behind the speakers vibrate inside themselves (they rattled loudly). Not only that, but things on my walls. I've noticed as well when playing a Nintendo theme song CD reproduced by a world famous orchestra (not sure which one), that the bass is accurate.

So, my point overall is that Sony for the most part may sell some garbage, but unless you have tested out each individual piece of equipment they offer, you can't safely say that EVERYTHING they sell is garbage.

And yes, I know what good home audio sounds like before someone says I don't. I would hope that having heard brands such as PSB (Heard the Gold series that were sold for about $1700 a pair, VERY NICE!) , Cerwin Vega, Realistic (when they were still around, great stuff!), and many more.

Although those are the "poor man's" high end system brands they are also extremely nice sounding.

You've not heard old school bass until you've heard a pair of Realistic Nova-15's. Whooey, powerful, clean, flat, and DEEP. It upset me when I burnt out a voice coil on one of them, but things happen with age and use.

Sorry to drag this out guys, but I'm sentimental about some things, especially home audio.

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hey tyler about ur ipod that was random...lmao... but ive heard good things about them!!!
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