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Who believes this?GlassWolf4
Need a new alternator for 2 jl audio 500.1 amps?Ron Bolt1
Eclipse Amp QuestionAnonymous4
Old School Fosgate Punch 150 Amplifiersdavid94sc1
Help!! Kappa Perfect 6.1 + Kappa63.5I + undecided 10" subBryan1
Recommendations por favorMMcCay5
Changing the OhmsGlassWolf2
Audiobahn alum12q??legacy amp??marshall white3
Audiobahn rules! jl sucks!audiodahn king1
What amp should i get??GlassWolf2
Amp Recomendations for 2 !0" Rockrord Forsgate Punch Zdan dyspros7
Can i put 2 Alternators in my truck!!!GlassWolf4
Amp choicesGlassWolf10
Best ampMike1
Best way to install ampAnonymous5
Amp DyingTheSpotlight11
Damaged woofer, need help!B-dizzle3
Complete system for sale hit 159dm very loud Take a lookJBG6
Enough power???TBone2
Amp(s) for CDT euros and edesign 12o wooferkeith2
Wiring questionGlassWolf2
Comp VR 10 and AmpJames Boswell1
MTX Thunder 6500D questionwj941
Amplifier to match my Speakerssavio31
Background NoiseCarlos Lopez5
Where and How do i hook up the remote wire?keith4
What kind of amp should i get!!!Derrick Ramsey McDan1
I need to find an ampMMcCay4
Car Amplifier - Hooking up in homeGlassWolf2
I need suggestions on an amp for...sandman2
What amp for 2 Kicker S12L7's?marshall white2
Amp help!!GlassWolf3
Sons first car,need amp/sub help!!GlassWolf4
Kicker KX400.1 or JBL bp600.1?GlassWolf8
Any suggestions on an amp???Anonymous1
One last Question for Glasswolf, Tbone, Bacon....JBG1
600w at 4ohm?shane peever1
Are they alrightits_bacon122
To Mmcaysandman4
Sony Xplod Need Help!wesleyfree9
Wiring helpmackevion3
Hifonics bx1500d?Anonymous2
Would this bump?PhyscoticS2
Need amp/sub help!Ryan Odagawa1
Will this workAnonymous1
Earthquake ampinteract181
Gain settingsGlassWolf3
How to install a 4 channel amp t a duel preamp output cd changerrichard peck1
Need help with alpine v12 mrd-m500kong hoang1
Pls: Need Help on new subs and ampsAyek JJ1
Amp clicking, then stopping signalBrian Sawyer4
NEED HELP with amp and speakersDarrell Stanbro3
How do I installMr. Law2
Sony xm-d1000p5GlassWolf3
Rockford 1050sMike Zimmerman1
Amp wiring helpMiller9
Interference through RCA cables????Jared Kolb5
Correct way to bridge a 2 channel amp?Brian821
Please help with my amp questionAnonymous2
Starting overGlassWolf3
Looking for a good wiring daigram fro ampMr verk1
2 channel amp to 8 ohm out putgus1
Fuse in amp keeps blowing. Any ideas?d3
Another question for Glasswolf (or anyone that knows alot)noKe4
PYRAMID AMPS.. are they any goodAnonymous3
Does anyone know if sells rebuilt stuff.Anonymous1
Help Me someone, anyone!!Vance7
What would Glasswolf (or TBone) do?JBG6
Bridging 4 ch amp for more front speaker power !?GlassWolf2
Glasswolf-Sorry to bother you againGlassWolf5
4 channel or 2x 2 channel what should i do?GlassWolf4
Running two mono amps with single power line...GlassWolf2
What amp to use for 2 Pheonix Digital 12" and a Solobaric S12L7Matt Aaron Keen1
Would I need a new Alternator?GlassWolf2
Am i gettin ripped off? GlassWolf2
Low pass/high pass filters on amps...JBG5
Connecting a mono block amp to two 12 dual voice coil subsGlassWolf4
Amp installation - what gauge?GlassWolf4
What is the simple way to bridge a 2 channel amp?GlassWolf4
Glasswolf<---Please lend your opinionGlassWolf7
I know the subs now what?GlassWolf2
I need to know is this amp any good befour I buy itGlassWolf4
Wiring Four SubsGlassWolf5
Wiring 2 amps and ohm load for bridge modejason Howard2
Amp(s) for Nakamichis?GlassWolf3
DLS amps? anybody heard of them?Cainer1
Kicker KX550.3 BEST OFFERMMcCay6
Earthquake pa-2300n wiringits_bacon1218
Amp for RF hx2'sits_bacon1210
Pro needed -- wiring 2 amps and using bridged modeits_bacon124
Amp to match subsB S5
What kind of amp to you guys recommend?its_bacon122
Amp turns off when I go over pumps or turn hard rightasdfgh3
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