Low pass/high pass filters on amps...


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currently i have an amp running my 2 subs with my deck running the stock speakers. i didnt install it but should the lp filter be on on the amp for the subs? i would think so, but need some reassurance (new to it)

im going to be adding a second amp and new components soon, so then i would think that the sub amp would have the lpf on, and the spkr amp would have the hpf on? or would the amp just go into the crossover for the components anyway?does this sound correct, let alone make sense??

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yes the sub amp should be on lpf and the comp amp should be be on hpf. and i don't understand what you are talking about at the bottom.

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the bottom was just saying that i am going to replace the stock speakers and amp them with a 4 channel, meaning the front component set will have a crossover with them seperately, so would i set the amp crossover (hpf=yes) to a certain freq when the crossover for the comps already do that work? i think thats what i was trying to get out

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if the head unit is acting as the crossover, then no leave the LPF of the amp disabled.
If the ehad unit is using a full range output instead of sub-outs for the signal to the sub amp, then yes you want the LPF on.

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I think I know what you mean, Tpro, and it's that the components have their own crossover to further separate mids from highs.

I had a similar setup and yes, in addition to that (which pertains exclusively to that set of speakers) you'd still have your amp crossover set to HPF.

Hope this helps.
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