Another question for Glasswolf (or anyone that knows alot)


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My interior speakers were already planned to be the ones you said. Infinity's
The car is a 1994 Intrepid
What would you say to these now knowing is a sedan?
-I want three subs (12" prefferably)what kind?
[i heard you metion elemental design subs-I checked them out and they look good to me- would you give a reccomendation on those]
-Amp I need an amp that has smooth tone and big booms when I really turn it up-what kind and size? <---Zapco(which model for 3 12'" - E.D.'s)
-Box I will try and find one but if ones to expensive I was considering just building a custom one? Ported-Bandpass or sealed? (remember to consider your reccomended sub and amp choice for this and the sedan part)
-And would a separate amp for my infinity's inside be worth it?what kind and what watts would I need to give them a boost but not hurt them?

Oh one more question on Ebay there are people trying to sell the address to a website to buy really cheap car audio stuff(the auction end is going for like $50) im talkin w7's for $100 or somethin rediculousley low like that have you heard or known of such a place?

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I'm not G-wolf and would not pretend to "know a lot" but as a former Intrepid owner, I'd suggest a ported box, you;d definitely want a separate amp for your interior speakers, I'd say at least a 4 x 50 rms and pay close attention to your wiring, as the Intrepid was (in my experience) very prone to engine noise leaking into your installation, unless you grounded VERY well.

Forget about those charlatans on eBay selling that stuff and unbelievable prices. One thing I've learned is that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually IS.

But I believe someone else from this forum is selling three Xtant subs and a Kicker amp on eBay. I did bid on it, but it went past my range, currently at $595.00, which is a steal!


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those websites are a scam, and ebay shuts down those auctions as quickly as they spring up. they are in violation of ebay policies.

The infinities are good for teh Intrepid.
an amp for them is a good idea too.
as for which amp for the subs, that depends on budget, and which model eDs you go with.
why 3?
why not two? or four? three makes for odd loads when you're calculating power output from the amp

Unregistered guest you play cs? (just out of curiosity)
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