Amp Recomendations for 2 !0" Rockrord Forsgate Punch Z


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i have 2 Punch Z's 10" subs and im looking for a amp for them (they are allready in a matched box) Hopefully something that would last for a long time whem i am pounding Drum and Bass in my Ride.

SUB FEATURES: model # RFZ3410
10" 4-ohm Component Subwoofer Polypropylene cone, foam surround, 50-150W RMS power range, 20-200 Hz frequency response
Power Handling: 400W (Peak), 150W (RMS)

So IF anyone can Suggest a relativlley inexpensive amp for $250 (canadian) it would be great!!!!


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Check on the Crutchfield site under "Scratch and Dent", you might find a bargain. Really, with the low RMS rating on your subs you could get a Rockford amp to match, and they are now inexpensive.

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I think the JBL bp300.1 would be perfect for you. RF makes the 301m that would work well too. Another option would be a small 4 ch amp that would bridge to about 150x2 - RF makes the 301x that would be ideal.

I've had 3 different setups each with at least 1 Kicker Amp and 2 had a Rockford Punch Z 15". Kicker always puts out more than I expected and sound very clean. The Rockfords have always been great for the price and were the second fav in my neihborhood. Kicker has always been the best and my fav setup was when I had 3 12" Kicker CompVRs on a Kicker ZR240 and 2 10" PPI Pro series on a 400w PPI amp.

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i have a question, how do i know if i have an amp set up at 4,2,1 OHMS? do i do this by, changing the fuses in the amps?

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Fuse doesn't have anything to do with it Dan. The OHM level is determined by the load you place on it. Such as a 4 ohm speaker load. Note: If your "bridge" two amp channels together then the amp sees the load as 1/2. In other words your 4 ohm speaker is putting a 2 ohm load on the amplifier. Good luck.

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but what if i bridge a mono block to 2 subs it dosent matter right? i mean that is what a mono block amp is for. I am leaning more twards get a mono block because it runns cooler and is designed for subs. (at least thats what i read around the net) i like the JBL bp300.1 ....:-)
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