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Which amp?Rovin4
Should amp be on or off?mixneffect2
Wiring KitsJC3
Phoenix Gold Octane-R 9.0:5!!JC4
Multiple AmpsCarAudio7
Old punch 40 and New SubsFishy9
JBL bp1200.1 up for grabs...killerzracing712
Type-r for saleTerry64052
Alt questionTerry64053
4 gauge on my amp.. but how? Helly Hans12
JL 500/1 power problemsCaseyO1
When setting gain should all HU adj. be set to 0 ?howie feltersnatch3
What the heck manRovin6
What SUBS for a 1000rms amp?Rovin11
4 15's can figure out how much power they get?Isaac W.12
Quick questionIsaac2
Does the weight of an Amp an Indicator to how good it is?mikechec99
ROVIN - im regestered nowB6
What do you think about this ampterry64056
Kicker amp clippingGlassWolf2
Hey Glass, Isaac, others... circuit breaker vs. inline fuse question.Isaac4
Planet audio?GlassWolf11
Budget ampmarshall white6
Need help choosing an amplifier for speakersXKawn6
Help!!!Isaac W.5
Amplifier suggestion for two Alpine type X subwoofersmikechec98
My electrical problem...solved...with a price!Seth Lowe10
Amp choice for 8"Alec H19
Is this possible??marshall white3
Amp problemsScott Miller1
Need a little help setting gain...howie feltersnatch1
What can i Sell my Amp FOR?!?!?!?!?Jack7
A new alt. ?jones palmer6
Anybody know of an amp like this?mikechec910
What ampIsaac W.3
Tighter bassmarshall white10
EQ and freq settings on the amp.Tyler2
Phase shift?GlassWolf7
Amp protected?Eric Sony3
Lightning Audio 300.4 Amp Problems - Please Help!SiX3
Need amp for Infinity 12vq or 12dvqbilly bob1
What do you thinkRovin11
Need Help Please! Isaac2
What to do with 8 ohm subwoofers?Dacali7
What amp is best for a JL W3V2Simon J Casey3
Help adjusting amplifiermikechec92
Real quick question!Rovin6
Do i need amp if...Mike DiSanto3
Suggestions...Corey Brooks14
Questions about Kicker's amp strapping ability.kickin it9
Massive Audio?kirkt7
A little help for a newbie?Not Exactly2
Help choosingMuddyWaters5
Is there something wrong??Jexx3
Advice on what amplifier to buy all help really appreciatedIsaac3
Viper amp?Anonymous1
Mac Audio-Familiar to anyone?? link insideYoung James2
Would this be goodJack4
I need an ampJack2
JL E2150 questionKevin Dube12
Need A Little Help With Pyramid Amp Wiring [Picture]Jexx2
A8000t 15' type rtrevor alexander lav3
Power ProblemDavid Thompson1
Glasswolf, Isaak or Jonothan, please helpAnonymous3
Need help with wiringzubair ali3
Sony amp problemzubair ali6
Is there something wrong??Stevie doo9
DB Lvlrob preg3
Can JL1000/1 and Kole1920 power subs in same box?Anonymous6
Amplifier question please helpChauncey Brown4
JBLCS50.4 vs Mac AudioZ4100/4200Gal Shavit6
Clif DesignsIsaac W.2
Simple amp question, please!Rovin5
What amp?Michael Grieve7
How much current does my amp draws from the alternatorMuddyWaters2
Amplifier RMS question?Brad from PA10
Kicker 2500 wattJames G9
Good Amp for 2 Alpine SWX-1242DCarSubwoofersSam June1
Isaac....MT question...XKawn7
One crazy amp... are these power ratings for real?Chauncey Brown7
Getting ready to install 3000 watt amp and four 1200rms/2400peak wa...XKawn2
Fusing an ampscb10
Re setup, which amp(s)?Jack2
Headunit preamp outputsittin sideways2
Other forums arent working... speaker wiringEric Sony10
Alpine mrdm1005 ProblemsMichael Randolph1
My SYSYTEM!!!Rovin27
Question about KICKER KX700.5matt kuczala1
How many watts?Anonymous1
Alpine vs. memphisterry64051
Where to get a new HO alternatorEric Sony4
JL amp low impedence problem on startupJonathan3
AMP to Push 2 XXX's15Loc_out22
ROVIN - what part of TnT ??BRENT10114
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