What to do with 8 ohm subwoofers?


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I have two JL 10W0(8 Ohm, SVC, 125W RMS) subwoofers and I was wondering what's the best way to power them?

I would prefer to just use one, but that makes it somewhat difficult to power just an 8 ohm sub. I'd like to just get it going. SQ and SPL doesn't matter as long as it's not distorted.


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Parallel them to 4 ohms. That's not hard to power 250w RMS @4 ohms...

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Use them with your home stereo. They are all 8ohms.

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What would happen if I hooked one (just one) up to an amp that was 250W RMS @ 4 Ohm? I'm guessing it would be amp dependant. Are there amps that are rated at 8 ohm?


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if bridge that SVC 8ohm sub to an amp rated for 250wrms @4ohms, the amp will give you ~125wrms.

it would be perfect :-)

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ya, you can install a higher resistance rated speaker to an amp, and it will play. Your amp will not push out as many watts as compared to a lesser resistance load, but it will play.

The problem arises when an amp is not stable at a lower resistance load. If you hook up a lower resistance load to an amp that is not stable at that load, it may damage the amp permanently.

8 ohm sub to car amp is okay.

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Thanks everyone! I'll just grab a cheap (hopefully not too cheap) 200-300W RMS @ 4 ohm amp to power it then. They've been sitting in my girlfriend's car for like a year now with everything ready to go except for the amp. Maybe now she can get a little bass in her car. Thanks again!

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