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Difference between 1ohm,2ohm,4ohm loads?Quick Shot2
Sub box questionI.c.e.man5
Hook up 4 amps to one RCA output???Bob Falfa2
MRP-M350Hi im drummer034
Wiring kitsMike4
Amp Installation ?.Jack2
Sony Amp Problem HELP plsMatt M6
Please Help ASAP...Amplifier Built in CrossoverDirk Schluck5
Amp too strong?suthurnlatino2
Question about amp outputjungala9
7 Amps - Need RecommendationsMatt f7
Spent 3 hours trying to wire amp and sub PLZ HELPShawn6
Ohms question.Shawn3
My Amps Acting Really Weird.....Gurpreet Hira1
Hifonic amps any good?Shawn9
Ohms questionBryn Mountford3
RovinRicky Lussier1
Need help picking new subs.Mike7
Question about an AMP hook up to subsRovin6
2ohm HELP!!!!!Hi im drummer037
HELP!!!Jordan Jennings2
Is my amp too weak to power this sub?Hitman_kcin3
Quick question bout wiring capShawn2
Check it outERIK1
Did I blew my 12" Type R? or the amp?Ian5
Old Punch 45 Wiring DiagramHitman_kcin5
Amp worked fine for about 10 minutes, then shut off.Anonymous4
Is this amp any good???James Goodman9
Bridging Amp and SubsJames Goodman6
What Amp should I get?Jack8
What amp should i get with these subs?Josh Miller4
Cant find HO alt for 87 Mazda rx-7brandon allen3
Two15 inch Kicker 2000 watt L7sJack5
Gold members maybe you have the answer.GlassWolf5
How overrated are Boss amps?GlassWolf2
About channels, "bridgeting", etc, etcGlassWolf2
Amp(s) for to Type X'ssuthurnlatino3
Please Help ASAP...Amplifier Built in Crossoverunregistered1
Would these sound good?Ricky Lussier1
Which companies are know to overrate their amps ?MO7
1400 watt amp kit with a 400 watt ampInfinity Addict2
Hooking woofers to amp help!!!!kevin5
The Next Step (Glasswolf, Issac)Isaac3
Amp Settings Help......Glasswolf? Anyone?Jerrone Hornbeak7
Down to threeRicky Lussier13
Possible BridgingJ-Rell6
AudisonDirk Schluck2
Amperage draw to alternatorAnonymous6
Phoenix Gold.......old versus newMB-QUART1
Amp "Remote" WireAdam Woods20
5-channel ampsHenry Padilla8
This amp + these subs, how do i wire?Jack10
AMP -- Requesting Good Answers... PLEASE (GLASSWOLF)GlassWolf14
Setting amp gains (help Please)Alvin Upshaw3
Need help wiring my amp!!!bill thurston3
Engine noise through my speakersmikechec98
Two Identical Amps connected via RCA in/outChris bochart2
Bazooka ampucfsaxman3
Where should i install 2 amplifiers? risks?Chris4
Increasing Gain decreases Voltage?Colc82704
Difference between an mono-block amp and 1x channel amp?Winn2
Sub thread down, i got a sub qJexx3
Ohms questionIsaac2
Is this SONY-XPLOD XM-502Z 250watts rms enough?Panamanian4
Did I miss something on my new XM-SD61X monoblock ampJack2
Good amp for diamond subJack2
When bass hit the 4 channel amp goes outlouis9
Sh1T! Have you guys looked at the new Audiobahn a4KDN?David Brunner13
What subs to getDavid Brunner3
Alpine MRP M350Anonymous2
Suggestions to push 2 Vmax vegasBryn Mountford10
Bass boost helpBryn Mountford2
Orion 280gx amp infoBrendan Drew6
Out of car audioJace Edlund3
Need help with amp... What 1 to buyChea15
What if my amp is too weak for my subs?Anonymous4
Glasswolf advice on amp settingsJerrone Hornbeak13
Blaupunkt amptsolakas3
Amp and sub question! important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!suthurnlatino2
About small watts, small crossovers and small speakersInfinity Addict3
Bridging 4ch amp to power components.Kyle Allen8
Radio on=amp is on...switch to cd and amp shuts off???? please help...sciroccowner3
How is this for balancing input w/ gain?Jexx2
Help! Amp question!RUSSMAN7
Setting Gain in older amp?Jexx2
Opinions on ampsBrad3
Did I fry my amp?John Nistico6
I need to find an amp!!Isaac W.4
Amp putting out powerMarty-Mar4
JL 500/5 TuningMarty-Mar1
Sound Suppressor troubleIsaac4
Where to have equiptment installed. Isaac4
Singel-VC 2x 12" 400RMS how big should my amp be??Isaac2
Wiring two amps togetherJames Longo3
Differences between an amplifier MONO and a STEREO?Dan Harper6
Audiobahn or MtxDan Harper6
Harman Kardon TC600kuldip tangri1
Is the kicker sx1250 that much better than the kx1200?home skillet1
2 OHM,, 2 CHANNELPaul O2
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