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Hi all-

I am looking at buying a 5-channel amp. I have considered the 4-channel + a mono amp but am toying with the idea of a single amp set-up.

Anyone run/tested a five-channel amp that can chime in? It is my first impression that on many 5-channels the sub channel may not be all that worth it.

I am mainly concerned with sq, no competition just like quality music.

p.s. I searched but the search funtion wouldn't include the "5" so i got a thousand posts on channels. = )

thanks in advance!


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jl audio and kicker make good 5 channel amps...i believe phoenix gold has a decent one too

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Eclipse has a 5 channel that might be worth looking into

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Thanks for the replies.

I like the JL quality but I think everyone and their brother has a JL setup. = )

I have been looking pretty closely at the Eclipses however most of their amps seem to have a fixed XO on the rear. Whats up with that?

So would I be better off going with a single 5 channel or are a 4 channel and Mono the better route?

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quick thought...

I have read several post about Directed and their older Orion and PPI amps. Is the Directed brand "Directed" a good quality amp? Above or below Orion and PPI?

I seem to remember them from years ago, but haven't heard anything latety except that they went to crap.


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JL, Xtant made good 5 channel amp, but it won't produce a lot of power. The better chose is 4 channel and a mono. but depend on what HU that you have or you might need an external crossover.
O/S Orion and PPI Art is hard you find these day, but they're good gears. Go to www.ebay.com to find out. Recommend for PPI Art AX400, A404.2 for 4 channel Amp. For Mono Amp you can look into JL, Xtant, Hifonic, MTX...

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thanks guys appreciate it!

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Hey I'm running a 5-channel Hifonics amp.It sounds ok,but like you said in your original post,the sub chanel is the weak link.Mine buts out 110w x 4 and 300w x 1 @ 2oms.I.m pushing 2 10" kenwoods.On some songs it sounds ok,but mostly it leaves me wishing for more power.Might be ok with a single sub rated at 300w,with DVC.Been running this system for a few months,now seriously considering purchasing another amp
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