Where to have equiptment installed.


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i live in central california and want to get my amps and woofers installed. i guess a better question is really where not to go, LOL. i know i called best buy and they quoted me $130 then i went in and they added another $150 cuz they said they needed to rip out all the monster cables and install their own. cables are there cuz i had the whole system hooked up and someone stole my amps and woofers. well i don't think it should cost $300 to install 2 amps and a pair of woofers. also i want a quality job done. too bad i don't have a clue about installations. thanks for your recomendations in advance.........

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For people who I know and want a proffesional installation I usually tell them to go to a high-end car audio equipment dealer. Just go to their website like orioncaraudio.com eclipse.com etc and locate a dealer. Usually they have good cables and have been in the business for a while. They are also cheaper than the national chains most of the time. Some companies actually extend the warranty if you get it installed at an authorized dealer.

BTW the reason I've heard BestBuy wants to use their cables is because they don't want to take the blame if something fails because of faulty wires.

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stay away from best worst buy and circuit SH!TTY for your install's dont ever let them touch your vehicle. they pull guys of the floor that are stocking shelves and throw them in the install bays when they are busy. F' that place!

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James use my names for them. CrappyBuy and CrappyCity. Anyone suggesting to rip out a perfectly working power wires need their head examined by Michael Jackson! Or better yet, maybe OJ. He makes $0 annually (so that he doesn't have to pay civil lawsuit) but lives off his multi million dollar retirement money.
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