Sound Suppressor trouble


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hey all, i just connected my car audio, i'm a rookie, and when i turn on the ignition, i get lots of feedback (engine noise) from my speakers, a friend of mine suggested that i check my grounding. Where would you recommend that i fasten my ground cable? and secondly, when i connect my audiopipe sound suppressor, i barely hear any engine noise from my speakers, however, it muffles the sound so much that i get no bass? any help would be appreciated

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check your gound. make sure its connected to a main part of the chassis. also, sand the area down to get to bare metal for a better connection. also, make sure your RCA wire is not next to your power wire. It sounds like your getting radiation from your power wire being too close.

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Registered: Aug-05 power wire is very close to my rca! i think this is it!! I'll try separating them after work today and will let you know. Thanx casey man! i really appreciate it

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Don't use cheap rca cables. Get twisted pair. Much better at rejecting noise.
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