Engine noise through my speakers


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there is heavy engine noise coming from my speakers and i dont know what it could be? my ground is good and the rca's are on the opposite side of the car as the power wire. the thing that i am thinking that it could be is that the ground wire from the neg. of the battery to the chassis is really small, it looks like only a 10 awg or smaller. if i upgraded this to a 4 awg would that solve my problem?

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that would solve any voltage drops you would have, but as for engine noise, i dont know if it would go away, but upgrading your grounds can always help. also try to play with the gain on your amp to stop the radiation.

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also see if your amp itself is grounded to your chasis sometimes this can create engine noise. is it a constant noise or an alternator whine that gets louder as you accelerate?

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it is alternator whine that gets louder

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make sure your power from the battery to the amps is not running alongside your rca jacks if so can cause signal interference

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did this problem just start to happen out of no where or has it always been like this??

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If you really sure that you have checked all the Ground wire, Signal cable and power are running separately, Antenna. The most common problem here is proper gain setting on your HU and AMP. You have to make sure that the HU audio signal produce more than 1v so the noise will not get into your audio signal.
Turn the Gain at your AMP to "0"
Set the volum at your HU to 75% (you should not heard anything including the noise since your amp gain at "0").
Slightly turn the amp's gain to your normal listen level.
What we just try to do is get the most audio signal voltage out from your HU. The higher audio signal voltage, less noise go into it.

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