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This a good amp for this price drummer033
BOSS ampsSubfanatic2
Amp keeps going into "protection" modeE9
Ever heard of Total amps?makenx193
PPI amp!erik2
Need a new alternator?Brandon Marthinsen7
Ppi.............joe ruskowski1
I don't get it...Lspade4
Which MTX Amp.?taylor176
Ordering ampslee bolwerk2
MTX or .........lee bolwerk6
Kappa Perfect 6.1shanmag8
Visonik AmpsMartelle Pitts1
4 chan: Alpine vs. JL. General amp advice neededtaylor172
Im conecting an amp to a factory stereo but need wiring diagram???scott DeBaker2
P.O.S bridged??scott DeBaker4
Dual 4 ohmJeremyC2
Fusion ampben1
Amp for 2 RE SX'sMarc4
Answer me thisMark S4
Just making sure im not going to blow something...Donald Byrum jr2
ALPINE AND INFINITY? which one is bestpikeshp1
Anyone need an amp?Roger O14
Sony amp question (noob) PICS!!Josh Arenson7
It's about damn timehowie feltersnatch4
Good ampdarkseid13
Need a new ampAnonymous1
Total Mobile Audio T3202Chip Peralta1
Noise from a newly rewired system??????Ryan Soares8
What ampIsaac4
Amp Trouble!bob barker7
Help needed urgenltyWilliam4
HELP!!! are CONCEPT amplifiers any good?Ryan Silvestri1
What amp for M612D4 Diamond?makenx193
Need help for an ampchristopher clavelli2
Is this any good( if not thats were you come in)JeremyC3
BOSS car amplifiers (are they good?)JeremyC4
Another f@%$@ problem !lee bolwerk5
Refurbished 500/1 y/n?makenx191
Quick and simpleWC5
Amp cooling question.Josh Arenson4
Watts question:Alpine PLZ HELP!!!!!!Donald Byrum jr6
Is this the right choice?justin baker1
Amp/sub questionDosSpider2
Total newbie needs some helpAnonymous3
Need a true power 2000 watt ampDave Mustaine7
Rockford Fosgate punch p4004 sub recommendations?chad thiel12
Alternator questionlary bown8
Help! How do I install my mono-amp???Donald Byrum jr2
Could use ome advisejustin baker1
Building a SystemC.Jackson19
How to wire two amps Dman791
HelppppppppppppppppppEric Velkoverh3
Please help alpine ampJames L3
Frequency responseMatthew Lee1
Ohm ?Stevie doo4
Alpine 3554James L1
What is the difference between the amp classesJoe Smoe6
Alpine type rMark S13
Pricing questionhowie feltersnatch6
1 10" 900 watt RMS sub, mono or 2-channel?Vijay Narayanan1
Quantum AmpsD-Money1
System helpTB5
Best amp combo???Stevie doo2
US AMPS USA-100nick_sq2
I need a bit of help justin baker1
How to mount sub.TB4
Orion Cobalt 260Stevie doo1
Need amp suggestions plzmakenx191
Hifonics true or false?? Dave Mustaine4
Is my HU dead?6191
Amp and sub problemsSteven1
Need amp for 2 Kicker L7sMark Rich 07263
Are Hifonics Amplifiers good?Mark Rich 07263
500-800 watts rmsMatthew Lee12
Can a 500.1.......Gavin Wynne3
Amp to push two JL 10w3v2's under $225Gavin Wynne1
Power acoustikAndy Summers30
YAY!!!!!!Joe Smoe9
How do i set up my amp.. please helpJoe Smoe2
VIPER amps? anything about them!Joe Smoe2
2 or 4 ohms setting??Joe Smoe2
NEED an AMP for my 2 MTX 12's. PLEASE HELP!Joe Smoe3
Cap Questiondaveid dove8
How many amplifiers?Matt B1
Set Crossover on HU or AMP??Rockman1
Recommendation?adam perry6
What amp to power......John Dispo1
Quick Question... (High pass setting)TheMoe3
Help anyonedustin pettit6
Recommedations on KOLE AUDIO 3000 MONOBLOCK ampkeston adams1
4 channel down to 2bassfishing3
Need a specific capacitorWC25
Is this true?DUB6
LOL! Too much power!Isaac W.7
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