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I'm going to install a sound system in my Jaguar and I've been looking at amps, subs, speakers, and head units for probably more than a month trying to make a decision. I'm trying to go for more clarity than anything, my price range is from $500-$600 for full system. I know you can't build much of a system for that kind of money (Hense my others car's system costed over a grand and it's about 700 watts), but I'm focusing on clarity.
The Jaguar has quite small interior speakers, 3.5" in the front doors, 4" in the back doors and 2 more 4" under the rear seat (A total of 6 speakers) and I'd like to install at least one sub in the trunk. I also, like stated before, need a head unit and amps for speakers and sub.
Although I listen to rap, all the time, I'm choosing clarity ,but I wouldn't like to neglect the subwoofer side either ;).

I've been looking at Kenwood, Clarion, Alpine, and Pioneer. I've also seen a few cheaper brands (IE: Logic Soundlabs, Majestic, Power Acoustik, Profile, Kole, Koiiler, Ultra Linear) that caught my eye, but I'm not sure if they will carry the quality/clarity that I'm looking for.

I've been looking around at Etronics.Com
Because they have nice prices....

Thanks In Advance

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i bought some stuff from etronics and it worked fine plus you get the manufacturers warrenty so its better than some places on ebay. Good luck man

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You are not going to be able to get a full system with $500-S600.
Sub=1 12' $140
Box for sub= $40
1 pair of speaker=$100
2 amps=$200

thats over your budget.

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Etronics.Com this website made me sick. I hope you dont plan to buy from there.

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Actually I've priced a few full systems and I can.....

Headunit: $80-$100
Sub: $75-$125
Box for Sub: Absolutely FREE
1 Pair of 3.5" Speakers: $30
2 Pairs of 4" Speakers: $70-$75
Amp prices are all different...

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HD: for 100 buck what sony if that.
Sub: maybe some low end audiobahn.
Box: Free okay
1 Pair of 3.5 $30? i dont know where you are going to fine them for 30.
2 Pair of 4" 70? i dont know where you are going to fine them for 70.


You own a jaguar, but don't want to spend more than $600?......If you're really going for clarity (who isn't?!?), then you'll probably need to step it up a bit. Don't forget that to get a decent wiring harness and all the little things that come with a stereo system will add at least another $100. Don't say you're focused on clarity and good sound if you're planning on cutting every corner there is. Try checking out Alpine's "Million dollar system for under $1000".

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The system I'm going for:

1 Kenwood KAC-8152D $165 (D Class Amp)
1 Kenwood KAC-6202 $100 (2 Channel AB)
2 Kenwood KFC-W300S $70 (12" Woofer)
2 Kenwood KFC-1079IE $70 (4" Pair Speakers)
1 Kenwood KFC-835C $25 (3 1/2" Speakers)
1 Kenwood KDC-MP228 $112 (Headunit)

Final Price Tag: $542

And yeah, I own a Jaguar, but I don't want to spend more than $600! Not everyone who owns a Jaguar is rich, although thats a very nice stereotypical comment.....

Anyway, does my system setup sound good???

That head unit only has one set of pre-amp outputs. If you're running two amps, you'll probably want 3 sets (for optimum clarity). Also, add in for head unit wiring harness, antenna adapter, wiring harness with distributor block for both amps, speaker wire, material for sub box...You can say "Free", but you'll only be short changing yourself if you get crummy quality wire. Where are you getting all this stuff from? Are there shipping costs too?

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If i were you i would not buy kenwood amp,sub,or speaker.

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Wiring harness I already have, I don't need an antenna adapter, I already have 2 4 guage wiring kits, and I already have all the material I need for a sub box. And to sacrifice quality I'll just run RCA cable Y's from the rear RCA jacks...

Seems like your just destined to find something wrong with my setup.

I've also compiled a Alpine system:

1 Alpine MRP-F240 $130 (4 Channel AB Amp)
1 Alpine MRP-M350 $135 (Mono Sub Amp)
1 Alpine SPS-080A $45 (3 1/2" Speakers)
2 Alpine SPS-100A $63 (4" Speakers) ($32 Pair)
1 Alpine CDE-9841 $115 (Head unit)
1 Alpine SWS-1042D $75 (10" DVC Subwoofer)

Final Price Tag: $563

I used to like Kenwood for older HUs and equalizers, speakers, ect. I guess they aren't good anymore?

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1 Alpine MRP-F240 $130 (4 Channel AB Amp) That's only a 40rms Amp why would you spen 130 for that. Your speaker are 15rms and 25rms you got your self a good system

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Ive got a little money invested in mine, hehe, not much compared to alot of people, but its more that what this guy is going to have into his, I have an eclipse 8454 head unit, 2 2 1/4'' bose tweeters in the dash, 2 6.5 eclipse speakers in the front doors, 2 6/9 in the back, 2 12 boston acoustic g2's with custom speaker box, "vented" and one Ample audio Class x 1100 watt 2200 watt max amp. Thats just a little money.

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loc_out theres tons of HU's for cheap, pioneer ect... most all company's have a lower brand model not just sony, I wouldnt spend that much for a complete system, many things come into factor. If your installing yourself you dont know what problems you might run into, most likely youll end up buying a lot more little stuff along the way on installing, your better off buying good quality stuff over time, like buy 1 thing every 2 weeks or something starting with the HU. just an idea dont know what kind of rush your in, but no sense in blowing 600 bucks on crap

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I've been looking online at some other companies. I was wondering if any of these companies were any good for amps and/or speakers/subs.

CDT Audio
MB Quart
Precision Power (PPI)
Diamond Audio
Rockford Fosgate

If you have had any experience with any of these please post. Brands that are notorious for their "old school" amps, I am refering to their new line of amps.

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I know for sure that rockford fosgate makes a very good product, dont really have much experience with them, precision makes a good subwoofer and so does diamond audio.

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Ah, while I'm building a system I might as well build it right. I've decided to spend about $1500 on a system, now you can share your true opinions on what I should get......

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I like Alpines HU

dont spend money on 2 sets of speakers for the back
just get a front and rear set if you need to. 2 in the back wont make much of a difference

Infinity, Alpine, DynAudio, Focal, MB Quart for speakers.

MTX Kicker Alpine Rockford JL amps

Many good subs
Kicker, Alpine, JL, Cerwin Vega, Eclipse and also MTX Infinity and Rockford are decent

wiring...check out ebay or


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Alright, I finally compiled my system and I am ordering this as we speak!

1 Kenwood KDC-MP528 --------(CD Reciever)
1 Phoenix Gold EQ6 --------(6-Band Equalizer)
2 Hifonics TX1505D --------(Class-D Amplifier)
1 Hifonics TX4405 --------(Class-A/B Amplifier)
2 Pioneer TS-W3002SPL ------(12" 2 0hm DVC Subwoofer)
1 CDT Audio CL4X --------(4" Coaxial Speakers)
1 CDT Audio CL4 --------(4" Midbass Woofers)
1 CDT Audio TW-20SLP ------(20MM Tweeters)

I also ordered a new battery (Optima PP880-BTY), wiring kits, distribution blocks, speaker wire, and RCA patch cables I need....
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