Another f@%$@ problem !


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Username: Marley289

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well recently, my amp is actin i was driving and all of a sudden it just shut off. i was playin it pretty loud for only like 10 minutes and this happened. so first i checked the fuses and both were fine. i checked my ground and all my power wires and there dint seem to be anything wrong with that. BTW, the amp light doesnt come on at all. WHAT COULD THE PROBLEM BE??? did i blow it maybe???

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Probably got too hot. It is possible that you blew it. Check the fuse by the battery.

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Username: Marley289

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Registered: Nov-04
checked both fuses...amp wasnt even warm when i checked it...and i checked it like 30 seconds after it shut off

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Username: Carguy

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Lee, did you have the gain/level set properly on your amp?
What might've happend in your situation is, 1, the gain/level wasn't set right. 2, your HU sent distortion/clipping to the amp. 3 your amp couldn't handle it and overloaded.
Most of the time when an amp blows, the main cause if the incorrect gain/level.

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Username: Marley289

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Registered: Nov-04
i only had the gain half way up...well im gonna try it out in my friends car tomorow see if anything happens, if not, then it looks like im gonna have to find a new*t i dont have the money for one either, gotta pay a $355 fine
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